2006 Barcelona Research Workshop

Betty Collis, Consultant, Moonen & Collis Learning Technology Consultants, B. V., Emeritus professor, University of Twente, Netherlands

Quality on (the) line: What, How  and When Should We Be Measuring for Quality Assurance in Online Distance Education and E-learning?

Rob Koper, Professor of Educational Technology and Director of Learning Technologies Research, the Open University of the Netherlands

The Need for an Open-source Infrastructure for Lifelong Competence Development in Europe

Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher, National Research Council, Institute for Information Technology’s e-Learning Research Group, Canada

Understanding Learning Networks

Mario Barajas, Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa, Facultat de Pedagogia, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

e-Learning in Traditional Universities: the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or Organic Evolution?

Martin Weller, Head Professor of Educational Technology, Institute of Educational Technology, Open University, United Kingdom

Virtual Learning Environments and the democratization of e-learning

Special Session: The Peters-Moore-Holmberg Roundtable Discussion

On the last day of the Research Workshop we had the honour to hear the pioneers of the field discussing the theory of distance learning and education. Please find a glimpse of the Otto Peters – Börje Holmberg – Michael G. Moore session here:

The Peters-Moore-Holmberg theory debate – Barcelona October 2006“, contribution of Börje Holmberg

Theory and Theoristsby Michael G. Moore

Edited version of the above conference discussion as published in “Distances et savoirs” can be read here.