Research Workshop, Paris

Fanny Salane, Universite Paris-Descartes, “L?enseignement a Distance en Milieu Carcéral: Droit a l’Éducation ou Privilege?” Kay MacKeogh and Seamus Fox, Dublin City University “Opening Access to Higher Education to All? What Motivates Academic Staff in Traditional Universities to Adopt E-Learning?



The five Jury members unanimously agreed to grant the EDEN Best Research Paper Award at the 5th EDEN Research Workshop in Paris to the authors of two papers:

?Opening Access to Higher Education to all? What Motivates Academic Staff in Traditional Universities to Adopt e-Learning?? by Kay MacKeogh & Seamus Fox,  Irland AND  « L’Enseignement a Distance en Milieu Carceral: Droit a L’Éducation ou Privilege?? by Fanny Salane, France.

The jury came to the decision that both papers were the best of all competing papers and equal in quality. Both papers are perfectly related to the overall conference theme.

Kay MacKeogh & Seamus Fox examine in their case study an on-campus e-learning strategy and reflect on how such a strategy qualifies their academic staff for adopting innovative approaches to reaching students at a distance.

Fanny Salane reflects on the unique role of distance education to providing access to education for prisoners and discusses thoroughly and critically her case.

Both papers apply suitable research methodologies and underpin their arguments convincingly.
As case studies, both papers are somewhat limited; however Fanny Salane brings back to our attention the enduring strength of the traditional distance education model, whereas Kay MacKeogh & Seamus Fox are seeking its compelling power in an e-learning strategy for higher education.

Members of the Jury

  • Torstein Rekkedal, Chair of the Jury, Professor and Director of Research and Development, Norwegian School of Information Technology and NKI Distance Education, Norway;
  • Dianne Conrad, Director, Center for Learning Accreditation & Director, Bachelor of General Studies, Athabasca University, Canada;
  • Martine Vidal, Chargée de mission recherche Direction générale, CNED, Rédactrice en chef Distances et savoirs, EDEN Vice President, France;
  • Jaques Wallet, Professor in Educational Sciences, Université de Rouen, France;
  • Ulrich Bernath & Wolfgang Fichten, Trustees and Directors of the U.B. Foundation, Germany.