Research Workshop, Budapest

Lisa Maria Blaschke & Jane Brindley, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg: “Establishing a Foundational Framework for Development of Reflective Thinking: Learning Journals in the MDE


In the Jury’s judgment the winner of this year’s EDEN Best Research Paper Award is

“Establishing a Foundational Framework for Development of Reflective Thinking: Learning Journals in the MDE” by Lisa Maria Blaschke & Jane Brindley/Canada, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany.

The award-winning conference paper takes credit for reviving a well-known pedagogical instrument, the learning journal, in an online learning environment enriched by the design capabilities afforded by social media. In the true spirit of reflective practitioners they explored new ways of integrating the learning journal in a distance education programme.

A deciding factor was the freshness of the paper in terms of recent positioning in the literature and the student-facing research – so important in our rapidly changing technological climate. The authors closely addressed our 2010 conference theme. They recognised that their research was early in the field and clarified the need and direction of further investigation – a futures orientation that was felt important to the Jury.

As two members of the Jury had connections with the authors and/or the content of the papers, they withdrew following the selection of the long list, and the final decisions were taken by Professors Salmon, Swan, and Kárpáti.

The final short list consisted of the ultimate winner and the conference paper on “Towards Feedback Personalisation in Adaptive Assessment” by Saul, Runardotter & Wuttke, Germany/Sweden,which is highly commended by the Jury.

Members of the Jury

  • Gilly Salmon, Chair of the Jury, Professor of E-learning & Learning Technologies, University of Leicester, United Kingdom;
  • Karen Swan, Stukel Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Illinois Springfield, United States;
  • Ross Paul, Adjunct Professor, The University of British Columbia, Canada;
  • Andrea Kárpáti, Professor of Education, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary;
  • Ulrich Bernath & Thomas Hülsmann, Trustees and Directors of the U.B. Foundation, Germany.