Bazaar: Learn and Exchange at the Market Place

For migrants the biggest challenge they face is learning the native language. Without it the outlook can be bleak – but with it life can have much to offer. The solution seems obvious but significant numbers of migrants do not sign up to learn the language.

The Bazaar project has identified that informal engagement with these migrants is the key that opens up their path to learning. Partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and UK have used a learner centred approach that engages migrants in the places and environments they find comfortable, with the support of trusted peer mentors from their communities. So successful has this approach proved to be that some training providers have either adopted the methodology or asked Bazaar partners to collaborate in engaging with learners.

The project has employed a range of skills, techniques and learning materials, customised for and focused on, the particular needs of their migrant learners. To see what we did and how we did it please have a look to our website at, read the project blog at or visit us on Facebook (Bazaar Project).

The English version of the ‘Transferability Tool Kit’, the Book of the Wor(l)d as well as the video of the project are available at: