Beyond the Walls: The University of the Future – 11-12 October 2018

EDEN President Airina Volungevičienė and Josep M. Duart of the EDEN Executive Committee, Vice-President for Research, will be attending the summit of round-table discussions titled “Beyond the Walls: The University of the Future” in Philadelphia, USA.

Josep M. Duart will be giving an introductory speech on 12 October as a representative of the University of the Future Network, and Airina Volungevičienė will be a speaker on the first panel discussion on the topic of “The Global University” on the same day.

The event is free, you can register for it here.

What is the future of the university?

 What is the university of the future?

How have globalization, radical transformation of information technologies, digital media, and increasing demand for 21st-century skills and competencies combined to trigger an urgency for higher education institutions of all kinds to innovate how they create and deliver content and respond to social and economic expectations?

This Summit will bring together global thought leaders, scholars, policymakers, administrators, private industry innovators, and technology experts from higher education, teaching & learning innovation, digital media, and social networking to examine the meaning of the university as virtual and online education are disrupting the traditional “brick-and-mortar” campus.

It will feature a panel of Penn School Deans lead by Provost Wendell Pritchett.

The summit will feature a keynote lecture by Prof. Manuel Castells (USC), titled “The University in the Information Age: From Theology to Technology”

The summit agenda will include round-tables on four themes:

  1. The Global University(extending the university’s global reach in an increasingly complex world where connectivity is both an opportunity and a challenge for the university as we know it)
  2. The Digital University(digital innovation in teaching and learning and the impact on the role of the university and the broader knowledge industries)
  3. The Equitable University(the potential for the university to impact inequality through the students it reaches)
  4. The Lifelong University(the role of the university in a world where accelerated knowledge creation requires a lifelong commitment to, and investment in, education and learning)

The event is sponsored by Penn’s Office of the Provost in cooperation with the Online Learning Initiative and the University of the Future Network. It is co-sponsored by Penn’s Graduation School of Education, the School of Arts and Sciences, and Perry World House. It will take place at the Perry World House. The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.