EDEN brings people together: collaboration and networking for better learning and teaching

The 28th EDEN Annual Conference was held in the beautiful and picturesque city of Bruges. The topic of the conference was Connecting through Educational Technology and I believe that many of the participants present will agree with me that we were connecting, collaborating, communicating, discussing, sharing, planning, praising and supporting each other during the conference in a very positive and inspiring atmosphere.

50th anniversary of the OUUK

Please, do continue, bringing many happy returns of the day! So many meanings and so many interpretations… through 50 years of collaborative development! From freely available, to accessible and inclusive… and global. Always inviting: to consider, to participate, to join and collaborate… Free from restrictions, but thoughtful with quality standards. Responsive and responsible. Reflective and always in the progressive state… It took 50 years for “traditional” higher education to understand what you are, why you are and where you are heading for.