EDEN across generations: the importance of young researchers

The future of any community depends on how its members are able to understand it, by anticipating possibilities, preparing for its challenges and realising its opportunities today. The same principle applies to academic and professional communities as well. As the largest European organisation representing the open, distance and eLearning community, EDEN has always dedicated much attention to the preparation of the future in our field. One of the ways in which we conduct that effort is by supporting younger researchers and practitioners. We don’t focus only on offering them visibility. We try to provide them a broader and more significant experience, integrating them in the community. In fact, we reward their achievements, assure them opportunities to network, to share results and experiences and also to be part of the European legacy of expertise in our field.

In the year EDEN celebrates its 25th anniversary, a new exciting and powerful generation of researchers and practitioners is emerging. As a consequence, the future of the field of open, distance and eLearning in Europe never seemed so brighter and promising.

In today’s post, I’ve invited EDEN Fellow, Executive Committee member and friend Fabio Nascimbeni to share with us his views on this important topic. Fabio has been leading a number of EDEN initiatives aimed at supporting young researchers in our field.

In his post, Fabio shares his own personal experience as a young researcher and how it was welcomed in the EDEN community highlighting the importance of the dialogue and cooperation across generations.



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