Continuing Education in Practice as a Tool to Keep Health Professionals Updated

16 September 2021, 11:00 CEST

ChildCA webinar



One of the goals of the Higher Education Institutions is to extend the education process to professionals through Continuous Education Programs among which those useful to keep updated health professionals. Higher education institutions are not the only players within this field including also scientific societies, health services organizations and their health and management staff, communications societies, and industries operating in the broad medical field. The webinar offers an overview of the different players/stakeholders involved.


Sandra Kučina Softič
President of EDEN,
Assistant Director for Education and User Support, University Computing Centre SRCE, Croatia

Sandra Kučina Softić is the Assistant Director for Education and User Support at the Zagreb University Computing Centre (Croatia). She is also the Head of the E-learning Centre and the Head of the Office for E-learning at the University of Zagreb. Her work is focused on monitoring and fostering e-learning in Croatian higher education and providing support and advice to institutions, teachers and students in implementation of new technologies in learning and teaching. She was appointed Croatian representative in ET2020 Working group on Digital Skills and Technologies (2016-2018) and in ET2020 Working group on Digital Education: learning, teaching and Assessment (2018-2020). In 2018 she was appointed member of European Education and Training Expert Panel.


Tommaso Minerva

Dept. of Surgery, Medicine and Dentistry, Coordinator and director of EDUNOVA, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, president of EduOpen and of the Italian eLearning Society. Tommaso Minerva has contributed to develop e-learning within the academic Italian institutions and to build a reference and standardized frame for e learning experiences within Academy.

Stefano Denicolai

Professor of ‘Innovation Management’ at the University of Pavia (Italy), where he is also Head of the Master degree – Laurea Magistralis – in ‘International Business and Entrepreneurship’ (MIBE), Director of the Executive MBA, and the Director of the Master in ‘Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. He is the coordinator of modules on innovation for the Executive Master EMMLOS for top managers in healthcare.
He has been Visiting scholar and/or professor in several universities, such as: Harvard Business School (US), SPRU – University of Sussex (UK), and Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 (FR).
His research interests include the following topics: Innovation Management; Impact of AI and emerging technologies on business model of organizations; business implications of Precision Medicine. In terms of industries, special attention goes to Life Science and Healthcare.
He is author of several books and articles in the above-mentioned fields, including in journals such as R&D Management, Journal of World Business, Technological Forecast and Social Change, International Business Review, and Tourism Management.
Stefano Denicolai is also scientific advisor for several big companies and digital ‘scale-ups’, supporting these organizations in the development of innovation strategies. Now is member of the Data-Driven Covid19 Task Force – Italian Ministry of Innovation (for more info, see:

Antonio Memeo

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan in 1983. In 1988, he obtained his specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology and in 2000, in Hand Surgery at the University of Milan. In 2001 he achieved the University Master in Orthopedics and Childhood Traumatology at the University of Milan. He is currently the Director of the ‘Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology Complex Operative Unit’ at the Gaetano Pini Hospital in Milan.
Author of many national and international scientific publications. He has acquired particular experience in the field of infantile orthopedics by participating with reports in conferences in Italy and in the rest of the world. Co-supervisor of degree thesis in Medicine and Surgery and specialty in Orthopedics and Traumatology. He is part of the organizational secretariat of national and international congresses and conferences.
High assignments
Since 2016, he is full Professor at the University of Milan for the Degree Course for Orthopedic Technicians.
President of the Italian Society of Pediatric Orthopedics (SITOP).
Member of the following scientific societies:
EPOS (European Society of Pediatric Orthopedics)
SIA (Italian Society of Arthroscopy)
SICOE (Italian Society of Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery)
SIFE (Society of external fixation)

Stéphane Freneix

Presently works as Strategic Advisor and Board member in the healthcare industry, he has a long experience in managing marketing and communications of the pharmaceutical industry. In the last ten years he has held various top management roles with Jakin, GenePredictis, McCann Health, AboutPharma and Sanofi. He is the co-founder and lecturer of MAMAF (master in Pharmaceutical Management) of the university of Pavia, first launched in 2006.  Stéphane Freneix has a degree as a Pharmacist from the Paris-Sud university and was admitted and gained the ESCP Business School master title.