Copyrights – DIY MOOC starts on 26 October

From the Statute of Anne to Mickey Mouse: an introduction to Intellectual Property Rights. What are Intellectual Property Rights and why do we often confuse them with Copyrights? This MOOC is intended to be an entertaining and not so academic learning opportunity for anyone who creates original materials or who uses, reuses, mixes and adapts original materials created by other people. Enrol here:

During the MOOC we will discuss the rights and duties of creators and users of original materials. This MOOC starts with the Statute of Anne and Mickey Mouse, guiding us through the history and evolution of Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights. Are Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights encouraging or hindering creativity? Find out what lawyers want you to know about Intellectual Property Rights: “I fought the law and the law won.” In a rendezvous with a creative artist we will talk about how artists look at Intellectual Property Rights as an alternative source of income. This MOOC is full of interesting facts about the re-use of “Happy Birthday” and other gems. What is the secret of the Eiffel tower at night? How much does a photocopy of Madonna cost? Can you play Enya in your music class? Pirate Bay, Plagiarism, Creative Commons… How can users make the best or worst use of the creative and original works of others? Can Intellectual Property Rights survive the Internet: development of rights in the digital era. This MOOC aims to answer many of these questions.