EDEN 2022 Annual General Meeting

EDEN 2022 Annual General Meeting
27 September 15.00 PM CEST Online


Dear EDEN Members,

The Executive Committee of EDEN, the European Distance and E-Learning Network (UK) is calling for your attendance online at the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Association.
The AGM will be held on 27 September 15.00 PM CEST

You can enter the Zoom room from 14.50 CEST on 27 September 2022.

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To attend the event you are kindly invited to register.


Members’ rights
In accordance with the rules set in the EDEN Constitution, institutional members are invited to take part and vote, and individual members to join and speak.
Those institutional members will be considered eligible to attend and vote at the 2022 AGM who have membership status, having completed the membership fee payment in 2021.
The Executive Committee decided not to invoice the fees for 2022, taking into account the transition processes.
Constitutional rules allow the continuity of the membership status in the subsequent year.

Whilst respecting properly the formal/legal appropriateness of the preparations for the 2022 AGM, the special importance of the meeting has to be pronounced.

  • In a series of announcements to EDEN members in 2021-22 by the EDEN Executive Committee and the Secretariat, it has been explained that the UK-based European Distance and E-Learning Network was established in 1991.
  • In 2021 EDEN was the most comprehensive open-distance-digital learning innovation Association in Europe. We celebrated last year our 30th Anniversary and have been present since 1991 on the international education scene with headquarters in the UK, Milton Keynes.
  • As the United Kingdom has left the European Union (Brexit), serious barriers emerged for EDEN’s international cooperation mission.

With the UK leaving the European Union (Brexit) EDEN had to change and re-organize its activities.
Importance of the 2022 Annual General MeetingEDEN UK will have to close down its activities and in accordance with the recommendation of the Executive Committee, dissolve the Association.
The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be invited and empowered to endorse the dissolution.

In accordance with the EDEN Constitution

Article 11 – Dissolution
EDEN can be dissolved by decision of the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting of the Institutions Section, called for that purpose. For the dissolution of the association a 75% majority of the members present and voting is required.

It is substantial that at the 2022 Annual General Meeting of EDEN, a convincing majority of members should be present to decide on the dissolution of the Association.
The relevance and appropriateness of this decision will be presented and explained at the AGM on 27 September.

EDEN Europe
There has been a process to transform and continue the achievements and activities of EDEN UK into a new, sustainable entity in an EU country.
A new Association, EDEN Digital Learning Europe, was launched in 2019, based in Tallinn, Estonia (“EDEN DLE”).
EDEN DLE is developing its membership and activities.

EDEN UK members are encouraged to join the new association which carries forward the legacy and continues the activities of EDEN in the future.
EDEN Members are kindly invited to add the Annual General Meeting to their calendar and join the AGM on 27 September.

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With best regards,

Yours sincerely, 

Sandra Kucina Softic PhD
EDEN President

Dr. Andras Szucs
Secretary General, EDEN