EDEN 30 – Exclusive Interview with Tony Bates

2021, EDEN’s 30th Anniversary year is special to all of us on so many levels. Not only are we embracing our traditional values for three decades, but at the same time seeking out our community’s future endeavours and directions in the field of distance and e-learning in the hopefully not so far, post-pandemic “new normal”. As noted in our 2020 webinar series #covid19 #onlinetogether Education in time of a pandemic and Education in time of a new normal, fully online teaching on a global scale is unprecedented in the history of education. EDEN’s resilience and the continuous efforts of our members have brought us all to this point when we can have a more significant impact as ever on distance and e-learning in these challenging times.
The official EDEN30 website has been set up ans is continuously enriched and upgraded, including your warmly welcomed input. Nevertheless, we would like to celebrate this memorable milestone from as many personal aspects as possible, listening to the stories, memories and guidance od professionals who have played and are still playing a significant role in the development and success story of EDEN.
Therefore, we have launched a series of video interviews with some outstanding personalities in our community. This time you are kindly invited to listen to the ideas of Tony Bates, interviewed by EDEN President, Sandra Kucina Softic.