EDEN NAP webinar and #EDENChat on 30 October 2019

Quality in e-learning

EDEN NAP webinar

30 October, 15:30 CET

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The rise of open online learning and e-learning poses more than ever quality-relevant questions. The development where learners take personal responsibility for their own learning is only one of the issues when quality is discussed, another problem is when quality is expressed as norm-based versus process-based.

In view of the global challenges associated with education, there is an urgent need to redefine quality issues. The quality of e-learning is a constant debate and discussion. Quality in this respect is complex and can either be easily defined or must be elaborated to a high and deep degree. There may be more questions than answers. First, the five most frequently asked questions have to be answered. What do we mean by quality? Why is it important? Who’s involved? Quality for whom? When should quality be measured? In addition, the quality can be seen at various levels: nano, micro, meso, macro.

The webinar will address the current discourse and quality issues in open flexible online learning, including e-learning.

You will meet

Professor Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson

Professor Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson is an independent researcher, expert, quality assessor and influencer in the fields of open online flexible, distance learning, including e-learning TEL, OER and MOOCs. Her focus is on quality, innovation, leadership, and personal, learning. She is in EDEN EC, Chair the EDEN SIG for TEL and quality enhancement, EDEN Fellow, and EDEN Council of Fellows. She is in the ICDE EC, and Chair the ICDE Advocacy Committee, for the worldwide advocacy of OER. Ossiannilsson is a quality expert and reviewer for ICDE, and the EADTU, and an evaluator and expert for the European Commission. She works with the Swedish Institute of Standards and ISO. She is a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden. Ossiannilsson is VP of the Swedish Association for Distance Education. Ossiannilsson holds her PhD from Oulu University, Finland, with a dissertation on benchmarking e-learning in higher education. She led the ICDE’s quality standard study in 2014-2015. She is in the editorial board of several scientific journals.

The webinar will be followed by an #EDENChat on the same topic on 30 October 2019, at 18:00 CEST and will also be hosted by Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson @EbbaOssian. Please join us using the hashtag #EDENChat!

#EDENChat is an online discussion event on Twitter initiated by Steering Committee of the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP). It is mediated by members of the NAP community and runs for approximately 1 hour. Anyone can join in and contribute to the discussion which is presented in a Question and Answer format and focuses on current issues in distance, open and e-learning. All sessions start at 18:00 CEST.

Previous #EDENChats are listed on the EDEN website according to topics.