EDEN Open Badges

EDEN has extended its quality and excellence recognition with the launch of open badges aiming at helping colleagues within the EDEN Network to communicate their achievements and skills acquired via their participation in EDEN activities. The EDEN Open Classroom Conferences in 2015 are the first EDEN events where participants and speakers are awarded with the EDEN Open Badges

This is a newly introduced recognition for the appreciation of achievements of our Colleagues within the EDEN activities. The badge itself is a digital image designed to represent a certain accomplishment. Behind the badge, there is a collection of meta-data about the criteria of the badge, but what is more important, you can add proof of the skill it represents to the online repository (Open Badge Passport), e.g.: your presentation at the conference.

Receiving and collecting badges representing your achievements with EDEN provides you the opportunity to show your skills and accomplishments to a wide audience in social web communities.

We will contact all the participants and speakers with the details of receiving their badges. Until than, you can read more about this here.