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EDEN Open Classroom 2016: Open Schools for Open Societies

The Open Schools for Open Societies Conference 2016 will take place during November 4-6, 2016 at Pallini Attica, at the premises of the organiser, Ellinogermaniki Agogi. The event is delivered with the endorsement of EDEN under the EDEN Open Classroom banner, our initiative that focuses on distance education and new technologies in school level education and training.

The aim of the conference is to introduce and discuss the notion of the “Open School”. A school that effectively introduces innovations in education is an engaging environment not only for the students and teachers – it re-designs learning to accommodate and include difference and brings together families, community groups, local businesses, experts, universities, and others into an innovation ecosystem.

The welcome speech will be delivered by Dr. Andras Szucs, EDEN Secretary General.