European Scene

In recent years, members of EDEN have regularly been involved in developing policy initiatives, contributing to numerous landmark publications, and have participated in a comprehensive range of Europe-wide activities and initiatives.

The book “E-Learning in Europe – Learning Europe: How new media contributed to the development of higher education?” (published in 2005 in the series “Medien in der Wissenschaft”) presents a view on the past, present and future of e-learning in twelve European countries. EDEN representatives contributed with different chapters, including the concluding one about “European E-learning from Supranational Perspectives“, by Claudio Dondi, Dr Andras Szucs and Erwin Wagner.

Developments in ICT across a number of European countries were discussed at the conference “New Educational Benefits of ICT in Higher Education“, in Rotterdam in 2002. The national case studies were included in the book “The Use of ICT in Higher Education – A Mirror of Europe“. EDEN contributed with a thought-provoking paper on the expectations, opportunities, achievements and realities regarding ICT, e-learning and ODL in Central and Eastern Europe.

The 2004 Annual Conference in Budapest “New Challenges and Partnerships in an Enlarged European Union” focused on the issue of efficient and beneficial European integration: how distance and e-learning can best play a role in capacity building and support modernisation.

The topic of the Third EDEN Research Workshop in Oldenburg, in 2004, inspired the publication on “Learner Support in Open distance and Online Learning Environments“, in the ASF Series on Distance Education, and addressed the latest theory, practice, research and evaluation in the field.

The Second EDEN Research Workshop, organised in Hildesheim in 2002, was entitled “Research and Policy in Open and Distance Learning“. The Workshop dealt with the relation of research and comprehensive aspects of Open and Distance Learning and e-learning, focusing on policy and strategy issues.

An interesting collaboration with UNESCO’s Information Society Division resulted in the project entitled “Higher Education Open and Distance Learning Knowledge Base for Decision Makers“. EDEN has also taken an active part in the Socrates Minerva ODL project “How to build up European ODL Networks“, a comparative analysis of the different distance education networks in the European countries.