ODL Liaison Committee archive

Upon EDEN’s initiative as early as 1996 and following consultations with the involvement of the European Commission and the Council of Europe, it was decided in June 1998 to establish the European Open and Distance Learning Liaison Committee.

The Liaison Committee, with the involvement of the networks represented in the Committee, organised the Joint European Conference, entitled “ODL Networking for Quality Learning”, in 2000 in Lisbon. Keynote contributions of the conference have been published in the book “New Learning“.

The Liaison Committee has elaborated several Policy Papers. The first one, published early 2002, entitled “A Framework for European Commission Programme Funding“, aimed to foster pragmatic and sustainable improvement in ODL-related policy and development in Europe.

The 2004 Policy Paper “Distance Learning and eLearning in European Policy and Practice: the Vision and the Reality” gave a review of the approach that European institutions have adopted towards eLearning and a survey on the perspective of eLearning in the light of the next generation of EU educational programmes.  It formulated recommendations for re-establishing the policy momentum for e-learning and its integration, together with the use of ICTs, in the lifelong learning agenda.

The 2006 Policy Paper: “Learning Innovation of the Adapted Lisbon Agenda“, aimed to maximize the impact of research on innovation and effectiveness of education and training systems, to link policy, research and innovative practice.

The European ODL Liaison Committee did play remarkable role in the field of network collaboration and policy development.  Late 2007, it was agreed amongst the members, that the Committee has fulfilled its mission.  The valorisation of its achievements is done in a new framework: the Learnovation initiative.