AI and Understanding Learning 2020NAP webinarsVirtual Events

Wednesday, 26 February 2020, 15:30 CET

EDEN NAP webinar



Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more relevant in the last years in the education and training landscape. AI may be characterized as started with machine learning (ML) as a path to humanlike intelligence. ML can treat an ocean of data with data mining techniques, data analytics and other similar approaches. And forms of AI have been developed, based on ML, with algorithms for vision, speech recognition, reasoning, navigation, etc.. Most of these approaches have been used in education and training. The reasoning and decision making associated with AI are the main advances that can help understanding the effectiveness of teaching and of training. Assessment of learning is fundamental to improve teaching and training. Learning is a personal and individual action and AI, as an outsider and independent procedure, may help the assessment of acquisition of learning. The webinar addresses some experiences and projects that may bring some food for thought as possibilities for research. The topics to address are:

  • Time to assess learning outcomes in e-learning: aligning assessment methods with the diverse set of learning outcomes project, University of Porto, Portugal.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Assessment: In AI assessment, a software system infers problem-specific rules for automated scoring from examples of instructor grading of student assignments, Teaching Commons, University of Stanford, USA.
  • Key messages on AI in Education, Working Group on Learning, Teaching and Assessment, European Commission.
  • Chinese school using facial recognition to analyze students’ emotions: Techspot report on how identifying emotions from students with AI may improve learning. See more here

You will meet

Alfredo Soeiro
Degrees in Civil Engineering (U. Porto, 76) and (U. Florida-Ph.D.-89). Academic director and vice president of Civil Engineering (U. Porto, 03/07). Pro-Rector of U. Porto (98/03). Founder of EUCEN (European University Continuing Education Network, 92); RECLA (Network of CE in Latin American, 96) and AUPEC (Association of the Portuguese Universities for CE, 99). Vice president of EUCEN (92/98) and SEFI, Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs (02/04); president of IACEE, International Association of Continuing Engineering Education (01/04); president of AUPEC (01/05); president of SEFI (03/05). He is secretary general of AECEF (17/…) and vice-president of ISHCCO. Has the awards of Medal of 800th Anniversary of U. Sorbonne (98), International Hall of Fame of Adult and Continuing Education title (06), EDEN Fellow award (08), IACEE Fellow (14), Global Engineering Education Award by IEOM (16) and EDEN Senior Fellow (18). He is member of EDEN Executive Board and Deputy Chair of the NAP Steering Committee, he was member of ODL Liaison Committee (94-99), coordinator of e-learning activities of UPorto (99-03), author of first e-books of UPorto and of Faculty of Engineering (03-05), coordinator and partner of several EU projects in e-learning, quality and assessment and author of several papers in e-learning and e-assessment.

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