2016 Critical thinking and technology NAP webinarsVirtual Events

Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 15:30-16:30 CET

EDEN NAP Webinar


The recording of the webinar can be accessed here, the webinar slides can be viewed on SlideShare.

What is the webinar about and why should you participate?

There are social and cultural reasons which draw attention to critical thinking skills, meant as essential drivers of creativity and innovation.

Different documents recently issued by the European Commission highlight the main consequences of the economic crises on the population welfare. In particular, a high risk of long term exclusion from labour market and society is denounced.

The key point is in fact that new skills are needed, because traditional skills learnt at school and/or at university are partially losing their relevance as they do not seem to be applicable when the new work forces are facing nowadays’ demand for innovation and growth.

We have been developing different projects on the subject in our Department at University Roma Tre. The idea behind the project we are presenting here is therefore that of verifying the effectiveness of a model built to increase critical thinking skills through technology.

What questions will be discussed?

  • Could you define critical thinking?
  • Do you consider it a mandatory 21st century skill?
  • Do you think CT can be taught?
  • If yes do you have experience in that?
  • Can you tell us more?
  • According to your experience, can you see a role for TECHED to foster such abilities? Give a reason for yes or no.
  • Which learning pedagogy carried out online could be more effective for CT development?
  • Do you know about initiatives/projects regarding CT development on line?
  • Do you consider this experience replicable in your setting?
  • Do you have similar experiences to discuss?
  • How do you think results can be improved?

Who will you meet?

Antonella Poce

Maria Rosaria Re

Francesco Agrusti

antonella maria francesco