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Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 15:30 CET

EDEN NAP webinar

The “Evaluation in distance education @ VIVES: some tools and trends” webinar will take place on Wednesday, 20 March 2019 at 15:30 CET with Koen Verhulst and Hendrik Coucke from VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium in EDEN’s dedicated Adobe Connect room.


With approximately 13 000 students, VIVES is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in Flanders, Belgium. VIVES has been the leader in Flanders when it comes to distance learning for more than 20 years. The university offers 13 programmes and more than 20 specializations through distance learning. In all, more than 2 000 students follow a distance-learning programme to obtain their bachelor’s degree.

Most of the students in distance education combine their studies with work and care for their family. To facilitate their study, VIVES has chosen to implement, among other things, different assessment and organisation tools. During this session, different tools in order to enhance the flexibility for the students concerning evaluation and assessment will be presented.

Hendrik Coucke started at VIVES as a lecturer mathematics in 2004 in teacher training for the bachelor primary education program. Besides teaching, he is also an educational technologist to support teachers in the use of educational technology in their teaching practice. He is currently part of the VIVES Educational Technology team, part of the Department of Educational Policy, which gives concrete form to the vision on educational technology for the entire university of applied sciences. From the latter position he started to specialise himself more and more in digital tools, including specifically the Edumatic assessment tool, which has now become assessmentQ.

Koen Verhulst is working at VIVES since 2000, originally as a teacher ICT and multimedia in teacher training for the bachelor primary education program. He has been working at the Education Policy Department since 2014. The goal in 2014 was to increase the flexibility for distance learning students by establishing the examination centre, together with the development of square and implementing ProctorExam as a tool for remote examinations. His role in this was mainly to design and develop the square tool. Today he is responsible for the management of square, in addition to the management of a number of other tools.