2002 Granada Annual conferences

Open and Distance Learning in Europe and Beyond Rethinking International Co-operation


The conference was collecting examples of existing good experience, trends and their evaluation, encouraged partnerships, supported collaboration with special regard to co-operation and joint research in ODL, collaboration in design and development of e-learning courses, distance education to create virtual communities of learners and consideration of Europe’s educational importexport relationships – what can we offer in the export-import exchange with the other continents?

The conference themes were:

  • To which extent are the present motivations and interests in the educational world relevant to follow the internationalisation trends?
  • How can the scope be widened for those involved in European co-operation, to enter into activities outside the continent?
  • How can the role of internationalization in the consolidation, standardization and professionalisation of the European ODL and eLearning be described properly?
  • What are the appropriate means to find and support excellence in countries which are not in the forefront?
  • Can co-operation in ODL really efficiently go beyond borders and enter small markets?
  • What did we learn from the evaluation of models of virtual mobility?
  • How should we develop and design new models of production and delivery in ODL and eLearning in the international perspective
  • How can we identify points of excellence, in respect of European co-operation, and their outcomes?
  • How can ODL contribute to professionalisation and internationalisation of training of teachers?