2018 Grassroots open educators at work: challenges and ideas OEW 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 9:00 CET

Open Education Week webinar

Debate panel


Moderator: Fabio Nascimbeni, EDEN Executive Committee member


  • Professor Mihaela Banek Zorica, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Anna Maria Tammaro, Università di Parma, Italy
  • Carmen Holotescu, University “Ioan Slavici” Timisoara, Romania
  • Wayne Mackintosh, Director OER Foundation, UNESCO / ICDE Chair in OER


The webinar will gather four higher education educators from different European countries who are using Open Educational Resources and Open Educational Practices in their daily teaching work, to hear from their voices what are the main challenges and motivations to apply openness in a teachers’ work. Each educator will briefly present her/his open education practice and will then participate in a final debate where we will try to distill some recommendations for other teachers on how to successfully implement open approaches in their teaching practices.