On Skills for Industry Strategy – Promoting Online Training Opportunities for the Workforce in Europe 2020NAP webinarsVirtual Events

Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 15:30 CET

EDEN NAP webinar



The initiative Promoting Online Training Opportunities for the Workforce in Europe prepared for the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (“EASME”) and the Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (“DG GROW”) of the European Commission will be presented during this webinar.

Kristina Dervojeda, PwC EU Services, Project Manager and responsible for the report reveals the role of online training in implementing new approaches matching SMEs’ needs and realities in a digital world. The challenges SMEs face today related to the digital transformation of the economy, new regulatory and market requirements demanding a significant shift in their environmental footprints to achieve the UN sustainability targets by 2030, with significant expected impact on the skills of the workforce, have to be addressed while also considering the budget constraints, limited capacity, fierce competition for talent and extreme time pressure SME deal with.

The key results of the initiative will be presented by Andre Richier, EC EASME. The final report contains the results of the state-of-play analysis in the EU regarding the adoption of online training solutions by SMEs, a description and in-depth analysis of the market, of the policies and initiatives on online training for the workforce in specific EU Member States, as well as the vision and recommendations for implementation. The vision includes specific measures, roles and priorities at the EU and national levels for implementation towards 2030 and beyond. The report aims to support the orientation of the future actions in the field of online training, upskilling and reskilling of the European workforce at the EU and national levels.

EDEN was among others partner in the project. Professor, Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson served as expert and evaluator for the initiative and moderates the webinar.

The webinar is a contribution of the EDEN NAP (Network of Academics) and the EDEN Special Interest Group (SIG) on Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) and Quality Enhancement (QE).

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The webinar will be followed by #EDENChat hosted by Ebba Ossiannilsson @EbbaOssian. Further discussion of the vision and EASME-PwC recommendations for implementation on Twitter at 18:00 CET, after the webinar.

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