Open Education for Civil Engagement and Democracy OEW 2020

4 March 2020, 15:00 CET

Open Education Week webinar

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Open education has a key role to play in potentiating social inclusion. As noted by the European Commission for education in general (but is particularly relevant for open education) it helps to establish common values key to such inclusion: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, respect for human rights, the rights of minorities. However, as also noted, it can be seen in most member states that there are challenges to such inclusion, namely: populism, xenophobia, divisive nationalism, discrimination, misinformation, and radicalization (that can lead to violent extremism).

In order to counter these problems, the promotion of citizenship education has been pursued over a period of years. However, the open educational content and practices necessary to teach the different paradigms of active citizenship are arguably still difficult to find. The need to respect cultural diversity is important in the educational process since there isn’t just one “model citizen”. We need, therefore, to teach and support students, especially the younger generations, to appreciate the importance of active citizenship and achieve their participative role in society as a whole. In this webinar different aspects and examples of the role of open educational resources and practices for citizenship education will be considered and how they can be potentiated in the future.

Moderator: Timothy Read, UNED, EDEN Vice-president


Alfredo Soeiro
EDEN Executive Committee member, Deputy Chair of the EDEN NAP Steering Committee, EDEN Senior Fellow,
University of Porto, Portugal

Degrees in Civil Engineering (U. Porto, 76) and (U. Florida-Ph.D.-89). Academic director and vice president of Civil Engineering (U. Porto, 03/07). Pro-Rector of U. Porto (98/03). Founder of EUCEN (European University Continuing Education Network, 92); RECLA (Network of CE in Latin American, 96) and AUPEC (Association of the Portuguese Universities for CE, 99). Vice president of EUCEN (92/98) and SEFI, Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs (02/04); president of IACEE, International Association of Continuing Engineering Education (01/04); president of AUPEC (01/05); president of SEFI (03/05). Vice- chair of EMC of FEANI (14/18) and of Steering Committee of NAP of EDEN (14/…), Vice-president of ISHCCO (19/…) and member of Executive Board of EDEN (19/…). Member of EUCEN Council (13/16), secretary general of AECEF (17/…) and member of IACEE Council (95/…). Medal of 800th Anniversary of U. Sorbonne (98), International Hall of Fame of Adult and Continuing Education title (06), EDEN Fellow award (08), IACEE Fellow (14), Global Engineering Education Award by IEOM (16) and EDEN Senior Fellow (18).

Diana Andone
EDEN Vice-president, PUT

Dr. Andone runs the team who developed the university’s award winning Virtual Campus CVUPT and is also a professor at the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania, in the area of multimedia and web technologies. She is passionate about the ubiquitous access to technologies and how they can be used to improve people’s lives. Dr. Andone research includes web and mobile technologies, human-computer interaction, AR/VR/XR in education and culture, open education, online and mobile learning, OERs and MOOCs. Her publication list comprises 12 books and over 100 papers presented at international conferences, reviewer of several journals and conferences, and also chairs IEEE and ACM conferences. Her experience includes over 30 European funded projects, out of which she coordinated 6, notably ViCADiS (Virtual Campus for Digital Students), DigiCulture (Digital Skills for Creative Industries). She is also involved extensively in several professional organisations and associations (EDEN, IEEE, IADIS, AACE, W3C, IAFES), actively supports the local start-up movement (StartUp Weekend, HackTM, hackathons, CoderDojo) and Girls in Tech, as well as acting in the Board of local Romanian NGOs (Pentru Voi Foundation) in the Timisoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Task Force and a member of Rotary Club Timisoara (past president) and Rotary International.

Javiera Atenas
Open Education Policy Lab, Open Education Working Group and Research at University of Barcelona


Javiera Atenas holds a Ph.D. in Education and is the co-coordinator of the open education working group for open knowledge foundation and an associate researcher at the department of education at the university of Barcelona. She is also a senior fellow of the higher education academy (advance HE) and a policy advisor for several Open Education Initiatives.

Beatriz Sedano
Research Associate at UNED


Beatriz Sedano has a Ph.D. in Education & Treatment of Languages through the ICT PhD program at UNED  on LMOOCs and open education. She has worked at UNED for 3 years in an Erasmus+ project called MOONLITE developing MOOCs for refugees and migrants to build their language competences and entrepreneurial skills for employment, higher education, and social inclusion. Currently she is working on two Erasmus + projects at UNED as well: NEXUS, focused on digital civic education for migrant students; and ECCOE, a project aimed at supporting the recognition of digital credentials for an open and more flexible higher education.