EDENRW9 Conference Resources available

The 9th EDEN Research Workshop – #EDENRW9 was rich in content and discussions, and also raised attention on several media channels. We collected some of the most popular resources here.

Re-watch the plenary sessions:

Kenote presentations available online

Read them here, or on the resources page.

EDEN President Airina Volungeviciene’s Opening Speech:

Self-determined Learning Action: Lifelong Learning in Open Range or Fenced Land? – Inge de Waard:

Exploring 35 Years of Research into ODE – Olaf Zawacki-Richter & Som Naidu:

The increasing (im)possibilities of justice and care in open, distance learning – Paul Prinsloo:


Studying Learning Expeditions in CrossActionSpaces with Digital Didactical Designs – Isa Jahnke:


A Scholarly Life Online – George Veletsianos:


The Changing Role of Online and Distance Education in National Systems: a Macro Level Analysis – Adnan Qayyum:

Daily #EDENRW9 Social Digest: