EDEN’s participation at the Global Forum Virtual Educa (November 23-24)

The Virtual Educa Forums, for innovation in education, are spaces for analysis and debate on the trends, challenges and opportunities on the education of the future. They are focused on innovation as a strategic axis to favor development and inclusion. Senior government officials, representatives of international organizations, heads of government agencies and cooperation agencies, directors of corporations, international experts, etc. participate. Participation in the Global Forum is a unique opportunity to visualize future trends in education and training, public policy, public-private collaboration, multilateral networks and foundations for education.

EDEN is proud to announce that after its contribution to the Virtual Educa Connect in July (21-23)  with our President, Sandra Kucina Softic holding a presentation entitled “How can initiatives like EDEN’s contribute to challenges higher education teachers are facing today?”, Sandra also participated at the Global Forum Virtual Educa (November 23-24). The virtual event had distinguished speakers from all around the globe.

Virtual Educa is an organization created to promote innovation in Education with the aim of promoting social transformation and sustainable development and has established itself as a benchmark worldwide. In the last ten years they held more than 4,000 conferences and presentations and more than 1,000 workshops, with 222,426 participants altogether.