EURODL News: New Chief Editor and Hosting Agreement

The EDEN Executive Committee assigned Dr. Ulrich Bernath as Chief Editor of the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning – EURODL. Dr Bernath gives an insight to his vision for EURODL:

„EURODL is one of the leading learned journals in the world and provides publishing space for scholarly works in the thematic areas of distance education, open, flexible, online, technology-enhanced, and e-learning. It is outstanding in practicing open access policies. It is my duty to steer the editorial process towards highest possible quality levels and recognition in the respective scientific community.“ 

Dr. Bernath is Chair of the “Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning”, Senior Fellow of EDEN. He has been working for the journal as Acting Chief Editor since June 2013. He gave a short interview on the occasion of his assignment.

Versita/DeGruyter signs up to ICT services for EURODL

Thanks to an new Agreement between EDEN and Versita/De Gruyter Open company, EURODL will now be hosted by this sophisticated electronic content hosting and distribution platform with numerous valuable functionalities, like automatic creation of active reference links, delivery of abstracts to abstracting databases, easy integration with library systems and user authentication. With the marketing services inlcuded, EURODL will have increasing visibility, ensure growing citation, impact factor and reference linking, reach more readers and potential authors and further enhance the global availability of the Journal. Read more on the EURODL web.