EURODL Special Issue: Fostering Creativity – The Use of OERs

EURODL’ Special Issue on Fostering Creativity – The Use of Open Educational Resources is edited by leading scholars in the field: Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen, Graínne Conole and Asger Harlung.  The special issue aims to place the development of OERs within a wider context of ideas as well as examples of practice. OERs respond to wider currents in our societies of openness of knowledge necessary for the pace of change and fluidity of social structures within which we in Europe all live and work.The development and use of OERs – and of course in the conception of OERs these two activities should find integration – represent possibilities to sustain the creativity that we assert that our societies need, and which in turn serve to construct a deeper and richer notion of democracy than those with which we are familiar. The special issue then proposes not that OERs are primarily an intriguing innovation in learning and teaching, nor primarily a valuable offset of the crippling costs of the text book market, but more than all that represent pathfinder solutions to new ways of learning which deliver new ways of living.