Faculty Development and Going Beyond Teaching: Building Experience

1 July 2021, 11:00 CEST

ChildCA webinar



At distance teaching and learning needs faculty skills development in addition to the training of the participants, therefore the initiatives of at distance teaching have to be accompanied by specific faculty development programs providing both pedagogical and technological tools. Moreover at distance teaching should not be limited to formal “academic” teaching , but has to include practice sections and new tools/models to build and transfer an experience to the attendants.


Elena Caldirola

EDEN EC member, EDEN Fellow
Director of the eLearning Center of the University Pavia, Italy

Director of the eLearning Center of the University of Pavia since 2010. She has a master degree in Political Science and a Postgraduate Specialisation in eLearning Management and Digital Communication. Skilled in eLearning environments, MOOCs, Learning Spaces, Blended Learning, Digital Corporate Training, and online learning. Since 2009 she takes part in the eLearning Task Force of the Coimbra Group. From 2013 until 2015 she was Chair of the CG eLearning Task Force and from 2016 till now she is member of the CG Education Innovation group. Since 2012 she is member of the Scientific Board of the Italian eLearning Society and since 2018 she takes part in the Executive Board of EDEN (European Distance and eLearning Network). She has been acknowledged as EDEN Fellow in June 2021, receiving recognition of professional excellence


Guido Bastianelli
University of Pavia

Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. Professor at the University of Aden, Faculty of Medicine. WHO Ear Surgery Advisor for Africa and the Middle East . Elearning trainer in ENT surgery – University of Aden. E-learning teacher in international health cooperation – University of Florence. Honorary Consul of the Republic of Yemen in Florence. Director of the Study Center of the Honorary Consuls Union of Italy – Rome. Prof. Bastianelli has a long experience in learning, constantly looking for new languages and forms of communication to eliminate geographical and social distances. Among his recent projects: curator of the e-learning project on cardiac resuscitation “The Bridge: hope in your hands” in collaboration with the University of Pavia and Policlinico San Matteo-Pavia. Ear and throat consultant at Villa Donatello Clinic, Florence.


Gabriella Cusella

University of Pavia, Associate professor of Human Anatomy, director of the Institute of Human Anatomy. She teaches in various degree courses: medicine, health degrees, medical specialization schools and in courses of Sport Sciences.

Gabriella’s goal is try to change her teaching method by transforming ex cathedra” lessons into an interactive experience to stimulates students’ interest by involving them in practical activities in which they use anatomical models, human prosections and digitized human anatomy, both in person or remotely.


Stefano Govoni
University of Pavia

Professor emeritus of Pharmacology, former rector’s delegate for teaching and learning activities. Stefano Govoni guided the initial steps in the creation of a group (now called MIDA group – innovative methodologies for teaching and learning) aimed to update and train the University of Pavia teachers.


Stefano Perlini
University of Pavia

Currently in charge of the First Aid and Emergency Medicine of the IRCCS San Matteo Polyclinic Foundation as Full Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy of the University of Pavia. Cardiologist, referent since 2001 for the Center for the Study of Systemic Amyloidosis of Pavia. He spent several research periods abroad (London, UK; Oxford, UK; Worcester, MA, USA) and was Visiting Professor at Boston University. Simulation Instructor since 2002, he applies this teaching method with students and specialists in the teaching of Semeiotics, Medical Clinic and Emergency Medicine. He participated in the drafting of the Programmatic Document and the Dictionary of Simulation in Health of SIMMED.