Integrated Learning Design Environment by the METIS project

The aim of the ILDE is to support the complete “learning design” lifecycle: from authoring the designs to deploying them in VLEs for enactment and eventual redesign, all in the context of teacher communities. The support for this whole lifecycle is addressed from the perspective of the “user experience” in the flow of completing the various tasks involved in the lifecycle.
To support teacher communities, the LdShake platform is considered as one of the central elements of the ILDE. It provides social network features, acts as a repository, controls the access to the designs, and presents – embedded
in its Web space – Ld conceptualization and authoring tools. Depending on the nature of the authoring tool (document-based, Web-based, standalone desktop application), the integration approach with LdShake varies (rich text templates, adapters, upload feature). Examples of tools integrated include OULDI templates, WebCollage, OpenGLM, and Glue!PS.

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