Easy joining for new individuals from partner institutions

It has never been easier for individuals to join the Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP) if your institution is a member of EDEN.

Check the members list and fill in the online form.
Joining is free for individual applicants from EDEN member institutions!

Your request will be processed in consultation with the parent institution. NAP members enjoy a variety of services of EDEN. Is your institution not listed here? If interested in becoming member, please consult the online application form or write to the EDEN Secretariat.

Easy Joining

Membership for insitutions and individuals

EDEN provides membership categories that suit all kinds of expectations and circumstances. Would you be interested at wider recognition of your institution, participate in the Association’s decision making procedures and the shaping of EDEN’s future: apply for institutional membership.

Is your motivation strictly personal? If you are happy with being “only” at the receiving end of the diverse EDEN services, individual membership could be your ideal choice – it still allows you to engage in and benefit from most EDEN activities. For more information please consult the Constitution.


Join as an institution or individual