logo design contest illustration

Logo Design Contest Extended

Feedback received by the EDEN Secretariat suggested that the summer holidays did not allow some interested contestants to take part in the logo design competition, therefore the EDEN Executive Committee decided to extend the deadline until the end of 2016.

Call for contest

As part of EDEN’s 25th anniversary celebration activities we are refreshing our visual identity. Following the presentation of our new web portal at the EDEN 2016 Annual Conference, now we would like to follow up this phase by announcing an EDEN Logo Design Contest with the aim to allow our professional community to take active part in the development of our Association’s new look.

Expected design

Submitted artworks shall be in line with the official Design Brief. For additional background information and guidance you are advised to view EDEN’s Prezi introduction, and the recent PowerPoint presentation introducing EDEN and a brief summary of our Stakeholder Analysis conducted in December 2015.

Terms and conditions for participation

Anybody can contribute their creative ideas, as long as they accept the Terms and Conditions. All the logo ideas that meet the eligibility criteria will be presented for open public vote and the artwork receiving the highest score from the votes will be declared the winner and be publicly announced in January 2017.

How to participate

Designs shall be submitted by 31 December 2016  by using the upload form here.