Metadata for Learning Resources Webinar

The Open Discovery Space project offers a series of free webinars on different topics related to the adoption of Open Educational Resources. The next webinar entitled Metadata for Learning Resources will be held on Wednesday 17th September at 17:00 CET. It aims at introducing the basic concepts related to describing educational resources with metadata.

During the webinar you will learn how the ODS project makes use of metadata. Participants will be introduced to existing and more common metadata standards for learning resources, such as IEEE LOM and let them understand the concept of metadata application profile.

The webinar will be delivered by David Martín Moncunill, researcher, University of Alcalá. He has been deeply involved in Organic.Edunet, Organic.Lingua and VOA3R funded projects and is currently coordinating UAH tasks at ODS WP6.

 The access technology will be Google Hangouts. The estimated duration of the webinar is 1h 30’.

Register now by clicking here.