MicroHE project survey available

As part of the MicroHE project, the survey on the micro-credentials in Europe was finalised during the 5th consortium meeting in Budapest, Hungary on 14 May 2019.

If you are interested in the topic, we would be very thankful to learn your expert opinion on the state-of-art and the future of micro-credentials in higher education. You can express your views by just filling out the survey by 20 June 2019. Completing the questionnaire would only take 20 minutes.

The ”MicroHE” project is aiming at “providing the most comprehensive policy analysis yet conducted of the impact of modularisation, unbundling and micro-credentialing in European Higher Education address the challenges described above by:

  • gathering the state of the art in micro-credentialing in European Higher Education today, by organizing the first European survey on micro-credentials in HE, surveying institutions across the continent, with the aim of understanding the current level of provision, the types of micro-credentials offered and future trends in provision of micro-credentials
  • forecasting the impacts of continued modularisation of Higher Education on HE Institutions 
  • examining the adequacy of European recognition instruments for micro-credentials, in particular ECTS, the diploma supplement and qualification frameworks
  • proposinga ‘credit supplement’ to give detailed information about micro-credentials in a way compatible with ECTS, the diploma supplement and qualification frameworks
  • proposing a meta-data standard and developing an online clearinghouseto facilitate recognition, transfer and portability of micro-credentials in Europe.

Would like to know more about the subject? Please visit the MicoHE website