Prototype reflections

February 11, 2010 by Morten Flate Paulsen   Comments (0)

I have been testing the first prototype of the NAP-members area for some time and I'm really pleased with the development. I think it is an important strategic tool for EDEN.

The success of this service depends on several factors. Among them are:

  • Much public information
  • Many active members
  • Much quality content
  • Regular activities
  • Much useful features


Much public information

The NAP members decide if their information in the NAP members area should be private, shared with friends, logged in users or public. If the members share much of the information with the public, it will result in valuable promotion of EDEN and the NAP Members Area. I therefore hope that all NAP members consider which information they can make public.

Many active members

The current list of NAP-members include 1121 names. Some of them cannot be considered as real or active because they have retired or are not working for the EDEN member institution any longer.

We should discuss weather we should be more flexible regarding the maximum number of members per institution. Maybe we should accept more than ten NAP-members if individuals in an organization are eager to develop a NAP-profile. I think our present rules can exclude some junior employees who are very eager to have an NAP-profile, but are excluded by senior colleagues who fill up the member list.

In addition to “friends” it could be useful that the portfolios listed the NAP “colleagues” from the same institution. This transparency could be used to show and remind everyone that some institutions have “vacant” NAP-memberships and members that are not longer employed in the organization. This will probably increase the number of active NAP-members which will benefit the complete network.

Much quality content

We should include the information provided in the currentNAP-member area:

  • Result of the NAP steering committee eclection
  • AGM minutes
  • Newsflash archive
  • Various groups
  • Various lists of members sorted by country, interests etc.

In addition we should consider to include our conference abstracts, papers and presentations.

Regular activities

Blogs that are set up for EDEN conferences.

Various groups

We should consider to have groups for the Excecutive Committee, EDEN Fellows, NAP Committee, Eurodl Advisory Board etc.

Much useful features

Some features that I would like to include are: