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January 20, 2014 by EDEN Secretariat   Comments (0)

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My name is Eva Suba, you probably met me in the last couple of years at EDEN events or worked with me on EU projects. I will be your host at this Group and I will assist you in using this Group.


The 2014 Annual Conference is only some months away and while the submissions are still open, we, at the Secretariat, put our heads together to come up with something exciting and new this year. We were thinking about a new service to all conference participants.

It has been some months since I am chewing on the feedback received via our survey last year after Oslo. We were all thrilled to read the comments showing enthusiasm on the use of social media and it warmed my heart how the delegates think of this conference, top comments complimented on staff friendliness, family-like atmosphere and human-human engagement. We are all very thankful for your feedback, it motivates us to make the conference even better next time.


We received several suggestions for a more interactive conference, to introduce un-conference-like activities and to collect the conference online resources in a hub. To start something new, we decided to open up the NAP Members' Area to conference participants and make use of its services to support the interactive athmosphere and bring the pre-conference interviews, the Conference Blog, the social media features and resource-sharing together. This idea was first tested during our freshly launched Synergy Workshop (it took place in Budapest in the autumn of 2013), where the concept was a very interactive format with combined on-site and online web-conference session structure. The programme was supported by Adobe Connect and intensive online collaboration via the Synergy Workshop Group here, on NAP MA. To our delight, it worked. Participants shared chatted commented and our little workshop support team walked on pink clouds. We hope all those who were there, felt our enthusiasm.

I thought afterwards: "if this works now, imagine what we can do with all the information and tools we use prior to a conference and what results it brings if we combine them with all the tools on-site! The support from the secretariat office to all who submit a contribution, the wonderful interviews with the keynote speakers (yes, this is a shout-out to the fantastic interviewers!), the great presenters who share their PPTs online, the insightful comments on Twitter.... Available to all who participate in an easy-to-use manner. Open to all who wish to be part of this welcoming highly competent and inspiring community.


It is now time to bring this atmosphere to Zagreb and to you. It is an endeavor. It is an adventure. It bears some risks, and a lot of opportunities. We look forward to experience it all, learn from our failures and our successes. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2014 Conference Group. The floor is yours.




Eva Suba



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