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October 27, 2014 by Antonio Moreira Teixeira   Comments (0)

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Last Sunday, the 26th October, the EDEN Executive Committee met for the 100th time, in Oxford. Looking at the EC at its very first meeting in Warsaw, in 1991, (picture in left) and in its most recent form, during the EDENRW8 (on the right), you're bound to find quite a few differences. The setting, the style options, the size of the group and even the gender balance are obviously not alike. The topics on the agenda were also different.

EDEN's Founding EC Meeting
photo: Morten Flate Paulsen, former EDEN President
EDEN's 100th EC Meeting
photo: Ildiko Mazar, Deputy Secretary General

In fact, EDEN has developed tremendously during these two last decades and much has changed in Europe too. However, I do hope you'll also recognize in both pictures a similar optimism and generosity, along with a shared dynamism and commitment. Most importantly, I wish you notice in all EC members portrayed the same sense of mission and care for our professional community.

In the complex, challenging, but also exciting days we are experiencing today in our field, we do realize the importance of carrying on the EDEN legacy, with its rich collection of shared values and accumulated expertise. As a river remains basically the same though the waters keep changing, our quest is not essentially different from the one our brave founders embarked on twenty years ago. I do hope therefore we'll be able to meet their great expectations. They are looking at us!


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