Learning Today As We Should Be Learning Tomorrow

October 29, 2014 by Antonio Moreira Teixeira   Comments (0)

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The very high quality of the presentations and discussions held in Oxford this week made the EDENRW8 a tremendous success. In fact, the ongoing transformations taking place in the field of open, distance and digital learning are confronting the research community with a set of new and complex challenges. How we can do our things even better and also how we do better things is clearly the main question we need to respond to as researchers. Tony Bates will be giving a closer look to the event's main discussion trends and conclusions in the next invited guest post.

However, our reflections in Oxford could not have had a better political framework than the current one. This was due to the recent publication of the Report of the European Union's High-Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education. As indicated in the EU press release the High-Level group makes 15 recommendations that highlight the need for better targeted resources to promote the development and use of more flexible digital learning and teaching methods in higher education. In fact, the report finds an inspiration in a beautiful quote from the American philosopher John Dewey, which states:

if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

President McAleese at the EDEN Annual Conference in Dublin, 2011
photo: EDEN

Mary McAleese who chairs the High-Level group had already impressed the EDEN community with her views on the future of education. As you may remember, while President of Ireland she inaugurated our 20th anniversary conference in June 2011, which was held in Dublin at the occasion and quoting Steve Wheeler’s blog:

For at least 20 minutes, she held her audience spellbound as she recounted a history of learning technology and applauded EDEN for its massive contribution to our understanding of the digital incursions into education through the years.

In this occasion, EDEN would like to congratulate President McAleese and the High Level group colleagues for this very important contribution to the development of higher education in Europe.


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