Offering a half-day Tutorial/Workshop on the use of video for teacher training


The workshop is about designing and producing video recordings of active-student-learning techniques of classroom teaching, complemented by printed booklets to guide trainee teachers’ study of the videos and small-group discussion of the techniques.


RATIONALE: Video recordings of classroom teaching enable trainee teachers to study “master teachers” exemplifying new methodologies (e.g. Same ability group-work on a single task). When such viewing is followed by small group discussion of the teaching techniques and subsequent peer-evaluation of each trainee’s teaching practice, the trainees’ learning experience incorporates two constructivist approaches: Cognitive Apprenticeship and Project based Collaborative Learning.


OBJECTIVES: At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

·   recognise the importance of video production for teacher training

·   describe the procedures for planning and shooting the videos

·   describe the use of printed Study Guides for effective study of the classroom videos



The tutorial takes the form of a case study of a project conducted in Vietnam, producing 15 print/video packages for in-service teacher training. The packages were part of a course to help Primary School teachers and trainers to convert their didactic/instructivist approach to a learner-centred/active learning methodology.

Towards the end of the workshop, group work and discussion will be conducted with 5 to 6 participants in a group.