A conventional interview with Dale J. Stephens, keynote speaker at EDEN's 2012 Annual Conference
The youngest keynote speaker of all times at EDEN conference, Dale J Stephens is the voice of the generation in and out of our universities/colleges now. With ideas painting an entirely different picture of learning system, Dale reflects on traditional school system with a non-traditional take.

Very interesting and I look forward to the key note. A number of things for me come out of Dale's interview. Firstly, I am sure he is being very insightful in demanding new structures and processes from educational institutions and organisations: these need to acknowledge and respect the increasingly disembedded nature of significant aspects of our lives, that is to say we are not constrained by place even though we may choose to anchor ourselves for some aspects of our identity in that way. This gives a freedom to learners that educational organisations are slow to acknowledge.  I think the future will go to those institutions that are able to recognise those freedoms rather than deny them.  But I do not think that educational institutions will or should disapear, so in that sense I am sceptical of the deschooling proposition.

Alan W. Tait 2921 days ago