The CARER+ Consortium, coordinated by IPERIA (France), is inviting organisations to join an Open Pilot experience. It is an open possibility for home care service providers or other organisations dealing with home care workers or older people to take part in a piloting experience of using the CARER+ methodology and learning materials.

Organisations joining the pilot will receive access to the key outputs of the project including the competence framework, learning resources, and other tools of the Virtual Learning Environment. Pilot organisations will also receive methodological support from the Consortium and will be invited to present their experience at the CARER+ final conference.

A Handbook of Piloting Procedures is available to provide practical guidance to the piloting exercise that can be used by staff and organisations. The Handbook introduces the pilot in the context of the project, describes the original piloting scenarios, and presents in details: the range of activities, the administrative procedures and the required templates.

If your organisation is interested in joining the Open Pilot experience, please contact Thomas Arbouet ( project coordinator at IPERIA or Margit Kinyik ( at Telecentre-Europe. For more information about the CARER+ project, the implementing partners and the ongoing pilot experience, please visit our website ( or follow us on Facebook (

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