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December, 2014



December, 2014

EDEN Conference News

EDEN Annual Conference 2015
9-12 June 2015, Barcelona

Expanding Learning Scenarios
Opening Out the Educational Landscape


Young Scholars Support: EDEN's support scheme to young scholars continues! For conditions and procedures see details here.



2015 ePortfolio & Identity Conference

The 2015 ePortfolio & Identity Conference (ePIC) will be organised in conjunction with the EDEN Annual Conference, taking place in the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel on 8-10 June. A joint day will enhance the sharing of experiences and networking. Discount will be available for delagates registering to both events.


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Community Update

New assignments of Members of the EDEN Executive Committee

Grainne Conole will start the New Year at the University of Bath Spa where she is having a chair in the School of Education and a cross-institutional remit in terms of e-learning.

Alan Bruce has been appointed as a Member of Board of National Council on Rehabilition Education and as an Adjunt Member of the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research of the University of Memphis.

We congratulate to Grainne and Alan and wish them success in their new positions!


#EDENChat on OER UNPLUGGED: 22 December 21:00 CET (20:00 BST)

The focus of this #EDENChat will be to examine what we have learned about OER development and implementation, continuing issues, and what are the strategic approaches that universities can employ to embed OER and open content within the culture of the institution. Join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #EDENChat. The facilitator will be Professor Don Olcott, Jr., FRSA. See how it works here.

The #EDENChat on 1 December focused on The Qualification Framework, facilitated by Alfredo Soeiro. If you missed it, we storified it for you: #EDENChat 10


New members

The EDEN community welcomes the following institution that has joined since November 2014:

  • National University of Public Service, Hungary

You can view its profile at the "New Members" link on the EDEN web.


European Commission's Corner

Education and Training Monitor

The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that reports on the evolution of education and training systems across Europe, bringing together the latest quantitative and qualitative data, recent technical reports and studies, plus policy documents and developments.

The European Commission published the third annual edition of the Education and Training Monitor in November 2014. More information and the full report is available here.


Projects, practices, showcases

ODS Summer School 2015 on School Development and Innovation
Attica Greece, July 12-17, 2015

The Open Discovery Space International Summer School offers a 27-hour training course that aims at promoting sustainable innovation in European schools, addressed to school leaders and teachers who are acting as change agents in their schools. Participation in the course can be funded through the ERASMUS+ Programme. The deadline for schools’ applications is March 4th, 2015, 12:00 CET. If you are interested in participating, a dedicated seminar is offered by the course organisers to support you in preparing a successful application. To find out more, please visit the event's dedicated website.

Furthermore, in December 2014, the project has officially exceeded its goal of reaching and engaging 2000 schools in its activities. Congratulations to the project team and many thanks to the 6500 teachers involved.

For more news from ODS, see the 4th ODS Newsletter.


LACE - Learning Analytics Community Exchange Newsletter, 3rd issue

The LACE - Learning Analytics Community Exchange project continues to work on discussing important aspects of learning analytics and educational data mining as well as to promote through a series of introductory documents this field of educational research. In the third newsletter of the project the Learning Analytic Review Paper initiative is launched with its first paper on Measuring and Understanding Learner Emotions and the partnership has started a set of FAQs about the concept, benefits and challenges of learning analytics. Other topics discussed in the newsletter include quality indicators, validity, openness, STEM-specific learning innovations.


Save the date: CARER+ Final Conference on 27 March 2015 in Paris

CARER+ project organises its main conference in Paris, France (Venue: Palais du Luxembourg) on 27/03/2015 on digital competence development on the field of care and social care.

It will be a one day free and open event with online registration. The Conference will be the meeting place of policy-makers, researchers of digital competence development and practitioners of social care systems. If you are interested in presenting a related innovative practice or research, please contact Eva Suba at the EDEN Secretariat. Full Announcement to follow.

More about Carer+: Facebook, Twitter, Subcsribe to newsletter.


Understanding, sharing and mainstreaming innovation in ICT supported learning

VISIR has launched its final publication summarising the results of the 3-year-long project with the title: ICT for Learning Innovation from Micro Innovation to Large Scale Adoption (pdf).

In the period 2012-2014, through the project seven European networks and one research institution have been collaborating to foster understanding, knowledge sharing and innovation mainstreaming in the area of ICT for learning. VISIR has run a number of high-impact activities engaging many stakeholders, from teachers to policy makers, searching for and promoting innovative ways of using ICT in learning settings across school education, higher education, learning at work and informal learning. Surf among the resources on the website, including publications as the VISIR Policy and Practices Recommendations, and the collection of micro-innovation practices.


EMPORT: a Portuguese course for entrepreneurs who want to grow

EMPORT has developed an on-line e-learning tool to promote employment and business access in Portuguese-speaking countries to European citizens. The LLP financed project was running for two years and the developments are now available for the public. The course can be accessed through the EMPORT website, while other related news, videos and resources can be followed through the online channels: Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Read the detailed press release here (pdf).


Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Universitat Oberta de Catalonya: Call for grants applications for the UOC’s Doctoral Programmes

The UOC is offering grants to study on the different programmes of the Doctoral School for 2015/2016 academic year, namely: the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme; the Education and ICT (e-learning) Doctoral Programme, and the Network and Information Technologies Doctoral Programme.
The deadline for applications for the Doctoral Programmes is February 28th, 2015.

For further information, contact:


2015 USDLA 8th Annual Conference

26-29 April 2015, St. Louis Union Station, St. Louis, MO

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) is pleased to announce the 2015 Annual Conference Call for Proposals. The proposals are now being accepted based on the conference theme, "Distance Learning: Ignite, Innovate, Inspire!". Read more...


Publications and Events

Science|Business: Juncker’s new fund will boost education to raise Europe’s competitive position

Éanna Kelly

Science|Business reveals member states’ bids for education projects they want to see funded under the EU’s new €315B Fund for Strategic Investment. Read article...


Did all barriers fall with the fall of the wall?

Reflections on academic international mobility in the Former Yugoslavia and today
By Dr. Pavel Zgaga

Read article here.


New EUA Publication: ‘E-learning in European Higher Education Institutions’

The publication aims to contribute to ongoing policy discussions on e-learning in Europe and to support universities in their efforts to further enhance and promote innovation in learning and teaching. Read more...


Elearning 2015: what’s in store for elearning in the year ahead?

By Roberta Gogos In E-Learning Market

2014 was a big year in elearning – we’ve seen a rise in the adoption of SaaS, increased interest in corporate MOOCs, gamification, social learning, and mobile learning. We’ve seen recent interest in “wearable elearning” – and more and more personalization in elearning (i.e. learning tailored to proficiency level, interests, motivators etc.). Read more...


eLearning Africa: 10th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education & Training

20-22 May 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

At eLearning Africa 2015, the main questions will be: How ICTs can be used today to enhance knowledge, expertise and abilities relevant for tomorrow? How can quality education be provided, designed, implemented, supported and certified for Africa's youth and Africa's workforce? Read more...


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