2nd webinar



second topic: Assessment Strategy: Managing and
Supporting Assessment Designers

The TALOE Partnership is organising its second webinar of the "Talks on E-assessment and Learning Outcomes" series on 18 February 2015 at 11:00 CET. The webinar's title is "Assessment Strategy: Managing and Supporting Assessment Designers". The presenters from Dublin City University, Elaine Walsh and James Brunton, are going to introduce their project launched in 2012 by the humanities programme team of the Open Education Unit, aimed at enhancing the quality of assessment writing. In 2014 the team developed an online assessment writers resource and delivered associated training workshops. One of the main realisations of the project was that there is need for the distinct linkage of programme learning outcomes, module learning outcomes, assessment type, evaluation criteria and feedback criteria.

The monthly series is suggested for educators, educational developers, staff in learning support and those with responsibility for the management and quality assurance of assessment with the aims of:

  • putting in focus the learning outcomes and assessment methods in e-learning;
  • helping teachers and trainers decide on the e-assessment tools and processes;
  • enhancing the quality of the education process and improving student’s learning experience;
  • encouraging the academic community to network, exchange experience and to cooperate.

You can comment on this topic and ask questions directly from the presenters here.

Participants can join the webinar at https://connect.srce.hr/taloe_webinars/ without previous registration. All the webinar recordings will be made available on the TALOE website. You can replay the first webinar already by clicking here.

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