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OPENProf Newsletter - 2nd Issue

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Second Issue


Trainings for OERs

The partnership has finished three training materials that will help OER developers to create their own educational material.

1.) OER and sustainabiliy models

What you learn:
  • You will understand the approach of open movement
  • You can describe/identify specific characteristics of OER
  • You can select an OER - find, select and use/reuse/make one
  • You will be able to analyse case studies of sustainable Models of OER

2.) ICT tools to develop and adapt OER

What you learn:
  • You will be able to set the requirements for ICT tool for OER development/adaptation
  • You will be able to choose ICT tool for OER development/adaptation according the functionality
  • You will be able to develop/adapt OER using selected ICT tool
  • You will be able to choose the license and mark developed/adapted OER with CC license.

3.) Curriculum design

What you learn:
  • You will be able to list characteristics of innovative curriculum for work based learning;
  • You will be able to make an argument on your choice of methods and your learning approach;
  • You will be able to develop professional learning outcomes and
  • You will be able to critically reflect your training approach.

Are you interested in our trainings?

Click here to see the trainings!

Open collaboration: Events

Programme available: Open Professional Collaboration for Innovation Conference

The conference take place in Kaunas (Lithuania) on November 5, 2015. It aims to discuss challenges of open professional collaboration in higher, adult, school/general education, and vocational education and training. Conference themes include:

  • Open Education: trends, resources, practices and challenges
  • Technology enhanced collaboration and networked learning
  • Open collaboration for innovation
  • Open learning for personal, professional and societal development
  • Teacher continuous professional development perspectives
  • Open and flexible online learning
  • Challenges for online learner

Conference website | About | Programme | Registration

Register now!

Latest ICT tools to create Open Educational Resources (OERs)

To innovate the curriculum these OER tools allow you to create learning services suitable for diverse learners and target groups. Do you have a suggestion for a versatile, open and trusted tool to use in educational setting? Let us know!



Meet the team!

We are committed to learning. With each newsletter, you will get to know one member of the consortium. In this newsletter, meet LieDM:


Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM) is a volunteer organization which unites all Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning. Moreover, the association focuses on the application of ICT in education, and the main priorities of this organization are based on Maastricht communique agreed in 2009 by the key European associations and networks working in TEL, namely, 1. Information technologies, 2. Open Educational Resources, 3. Responsibility, 4. Quality assurance, and 5. Virtual Mobility.LieDM association was the first institution in Lithuania to implement the survey among education institutions on the use of open educational resources in 2010. LieDM colleagues involved in OpenPROF are:
assoc. prof. Airina Volungevičienė: Her research is focused on qualitative distance learning/teaching curriculum development. She is a member of various quality focused discussion groups in education and ICT application to different sectors in education. A.Volungeviciene is responsible for institutional regulations for implementation of distance and e-learning at HE institution (VMU) and a vice president of EDEN.
Dr. Estela Daukšienė is the head of the administration at LieDM association and  researcher at Vytautas Magnus University Innovative Studies Institute, Department of Education. Her research topics cover ICT competences of lifelong learners, e-mentoring and virtual mobility, which is the object of her PhD.
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What is open collaboration for you?

This project (Prj No. 2014-1-LT01-KA202-000562) has been funded with support from the European Commission. This newsletter reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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