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January, 2016




January, 2016

EDEN Conference News

EDEN Annual Conference 2016
14-17 June 2016, Budapest

Re-Imagining Learning Environments

Deadline approaching: 1st February


The responsibility of the scholarly community includes widening the concept of learning and its role in society and exploiting transformative knowledge to drive social change.

Submissions that relate to the Conference Scope and one or more of the Conference Themes are welcome in paper, poster, workshop, training, demonstration and flexible synergy session formats. Read more...

Train to be a 21st century educator

Are you equipped to be a confident and resourceful 21st century educator? Knowing how important continuous professional development is nowadays, EDEN wishes to cater to your needs by providing a selection of short training courses. We invite you to join our training sessions during the 25th Anniversary EDEN Annual Conference 2016!

Please also be advised that the Erasmus + KA1 – mobility programmes may be utilised to support your participation. Read more...







Open Discovery Space Academy 2016
17-19 June 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Join the ODS Academy summer school

which intentionally coincides with EDEN’s 25th Anniversary Conference to bring sustainable innovation to your work as a 21st century educator. The Open Discovery Space Academy, exploiting and expanding on the outputs, experiences and heritage of the Open Discovery Space (ODS) project, offers a multitude of courses to school leaders and teachers acting as change agents in their schools, as well as teachers with a newly acquired taste for innovative practices from all over Europe.

Your participation in any ODS Academy 2016 course may be funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 1, Mobility project for school education staff). Details…

Applicants for the summer school are strongly encouraged to join the EDEN 25th Anniversary Conference. Participating in both events has the added value of international networking opportunities and professional development through the training events offered as part of the conference.




Community Update

#EDENChat: Openness in research

#EDENChat is a scheduled online discussion event on Twitter where anyone can join in and contribute to the discussions on current issues in distance, open and e-learning. In the first #EDENChat of the year we discussed Openness in research on Twitter. Read the archived discussion here.

Don't miss the next two #EDENChats, which will be on 27 January and 10 February at 8 pm GMT, on the topics of "Free content, free education?" and "Critical thinking and technology".

Previous #EDENChats are listed in the NAP Community page of the EDEN website according to topics.

Stay tuned for the anouncement of the next events by following us on Twitter.


New member

The EDEN community welcomes its newly joined member, the Jonkoping University from Sweden.


European Commission's Corner

Public consultation on a renewed Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education in the European Union

The European Commission has started to review the EU's modernisation agenda for higher education, published in 2011, to ensure EU activities in higher education are as useful as possible. As part of this review, the Commission has launched an online consultation to collect the views of stakeholders about the current situation in Europe's higher education systems, as well as on priorities for change.

All stakeholders and individuals are welcome to contribute to this consultation via this online questionnaire open until 29 February 2016. Summary of the results are expected to be published one month later.


Report of the "European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2015

The fourth edition of the European Education, Training and Youth (ETY) Forum took place in Brussels on 19 and 20 October 2015. The theme of the Forum was New priorities for European cooperation in education, training and youth. Download the report including key messages here. Videos of TED-like talks are also available.


Erasmus+ Implementation Survey - the results are available

On the 3rd of December, David Lopez, President of the LLLPlatform, presented the LLLPlatform 2015 Erasmus+ Implementation Survey Results to the Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on Education and Youth. He called for a better value of cross-sectoral lifelong learning projects, maintaining strong policy support actions in KA3 and taking into account the specific situation of Brussels based NGOs in the wider context of the decentralisation of the programme.


Bridging the digital divide in the EU - a briefing

The digital divide has been substantially reduced over the last decade in Europe, but the gap remains far from closed. The European Commission is working to improve the situation under the Digital Agenda for Europe and the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy. Read the complete briefing from the European Parliamentary Research Service here.


Education and employment priorities of the EU Presidency Trio

The Netherlands, together with the Slovak and Maltese Presidencies presented the Council's work programme for the period till June 2017. The focus of attention in the area of education is the moderni­sation of higher education and vocational education and training (VET). It also announces that the new skills agenda ‘will promote investment in skills development so that workers are better equipped to deal with the changing labour market and society.’

The Netherlands Presidency promises to ‘address the mutual recognition of qualifications, which will support vocational training and higher education and help realise the full potential of digital jobs.’ Read more...



New Articles in EURODL - with multilingual abstracts!

Exploration of Teaching Preferences of Instructors' use of Social Media

Selcan Kilis, Yasemin Gülbahar, Christian Rapp

The Development of Distance Education Systems in Turkey, the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia

Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Yasar Kondakci, Svenja Bedenlier, Uthman Alturki, Ahmed Aldraiweesh, Diana Püplichhuysen

Massive Open Online Courses and Economic Sustainability

Tharindu R. Liyanagunawardena, Karsten O. Lundqvist, Shirley A. Williams


Projects, practices, showcases

Ethical and Privacy Issues in the Design of Learning Analytics Applications

The LACE project is organising a workshop collocated with the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK 2016) University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK, April 25, 2016 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

The call for papers for the workshop is still open (until 31st January). We invite you to to come up with a research or position paper answering the challenges of designing Learning Analytics Application addressing all the processes of learning analytics. Read more...



Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards - submission open!

The EFMD EiP Award have developed into one of the leading global awards that recognise excellence in learning and development partnerships. Taking part gives learning providers and corporate clients the chance to reflect on the impact and value of their learning partnership.

The submission deadline is 30 March 2016.


What’s Next for Africa?

The 2015 EFMD Africa Conference presented new opportunities for African business schools that can be achieved through collaborative initiatives, accessing the vast amounts of knowledge services and adopting technology. These could be facilitated through the establishment of a Europe-Africa Initiative to enhance and facilitate collaborative partnerships; the recruitment of African Deans into the EFMD GN Deans Across Frontiers (EDAF) programme and the development of incentives that support faculty collaboration and development initiatives. Read more...


Education to foster intercultural understanding and solidarity in Europe

As part of the commemoration of the January 2015 attacks in Paris against freedom of speech and thus, against the core of European fundamental values, the LLLPLatform releases its first Position Paper for 2016. To face the challenges ahead, the paper explores how education may be the mean to establish a holistic and sustainable society, using long-term and wholesome solutions. The Platform suggests our educational systems should carry all the attributes of an open anf fair society: they should be active, inclusive and collaborative. Read and download the position paper here.


Top 10 Wish List for Online Learning in 2016

"We stop debating about whether or not online learning is as effective as classroom teaching." - is the first on the list of ten developments that colleagues at Contact North I Contact Nord wish for online learning in 2016. See their full wish-list here.

Publications and Events

Open Educational Resources: A Catalyst for Innovation

The OER community has grown considerably over the past 10 years and the impact of OER on educational systems has become a pervasive element of educational policy. This new report from the OECD Library aims to highlight state of the art developments and practices in OER, but also to demonstrate how OER can be a tool for innovation in teaching and learning.


Trends Shaping Education 2016

Did you ever wonder if education has a role to play in stemming the obesity epidemic sweeping across all OECD countries? Or what the impact of increasing urbanisation might be on our schools, families, and communities? Or whether new technologies really are fundamentally changing the way our children think and learn?

This stimulus for thinking from the OECD Library examines major trends affecting the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges for policy makers and education providers alike.


Hands-On ICT - helping teachers design digital learning tools

The Hands-On MOOC gives teachers the skills and knowledge to build their own online courses and modules. It lasts five weeks, over which a particpant designs, develops and tests online learning activities related to an educational problem of their choosing.


MOOCs: Is free higher ed help, hype, or havoc?

"... realistically in any society, only some people are interested in education for its own sake. The relevant question isn’t what proportion of the population is not served, but what proportion of the population that would benefit from the opportunity in some measurable way is not served." A comprehensive commentary on MOOCs by Denyse O’Leary published on


MOOCs: international credit transfer system edges closer

Six universities from Australia, Europe, Canada and the US are set to pilot a global credit transfer system that will allow students to use courses taken online to count towards their degrees. The first step for the consortium is to develop a system of reliable testing for Moocs and to develop coding systems to measure the level and weight of each course, as well as to examine the entry requirements for each module. Read more...


Teachers to Become Advocates for Sustainable Development


A UNESCO campaign launched in October 2015 is calling on teachers eager to become advocates for education to help lobby for progress toward achieving the new sustainable-development agenda. Teachers signing up receive advocacy toolkits (one of which "Advocacy toolkit for teachers to provide a quality education" is freely available to downoad) and country-specific information to help them lobby for change in their country. Read more...


The eMundus project is over: long live the eMundus results!

The eMundus project was about open education (UER, MOOCs, Virtual Mobility) and the international cooperation among universities. Its team would like to encourage the professional community to take advantage of the freely available results and outcomes: a few country reports on OE developments in the project countries, an interactive online Atlas of Open Education initiatives an Exploratorium with tools and approaches that can facilitate the adoption of open practices in the daily work of universities, a set of recommendations to improve international academic collaboration through open approaches.


The periodic table of education technology

The Daily Genious editors and community put together a great visual of the top education technology tools. They turned it into a Periodic Table that will be regularly updated and published on


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