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June-July, 2016



June-July, 2016


Our reflection on Brexit

EDEN shares the disappointment, sadness and confusion caused by the UK decision to leave the EU. The recent development causes mostly uncertainty in its consequences.

EDEN continues cherishing its academic values, responsibility and the largest network of academics and professionals, no matter where they are based or operating from. EDEN operates on the principles that have no borders or obstacles for cooperation of our members – we believe online and networking regime cannot be affected that easily by any political restriction. We join academic solidarity to strengthen and support the continuation of UK – EU academic collaboration.

EDEN cherishes and appreciates all the colleagues, fellows and EDEN members from the UK, as well as other countries, and shares their feelings. Let us continue together, observing and preparing for the future which is yet to come. We hope that this brings the minimum possible effects to our open professional collaboration.

EDEN Executive Committee


EDEN Conference News

9th EDEN Research Workshop - EDENRW9
4-7 October 2016, Oldenburg, Germany
Organised in collaboration with: Carl von Ossietzky Universität

Forging new pathways of research and innovation in open and distance learning: Reaching from the roots


Building on the success of our thematic conference 2 years ago in Oxford, EDEN is pleased to announce that EDENRW9 will be organised in collaboration with the Institute of Education and the Center for Lifelong Learning at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg in Germany.

Invited keynote speakers include

  • Olaf Zawacki-Richter (Germany), Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
  • Paul Prinsloo (South Africa), University of South Africa
  • Inge de Waard (UK), Open University UK
  • George Veletsianos (Canada), Royal Roads University
  • Adnan Qayyum (USA), Pennsylvania State University
  • Isa Jahnke (USA/Germany), University of Missouri
  • Som Naidu (Australia), Swinburne University of Technology


EDEN Annual Conference 2016
14-17 June 2016, Budapest

Re-Imagining Learning Environments

- Conference resources -


We had a memorable and inspirational conference in Budapest with the gathering of 314 delegates from 37 countries, with over 160 presentations. The live stream of the plenary sessions was followed by 311 viewers and online discussions unfolded with several thousand tweets and more than 15000 readers on Facebook. Presentations on Slideshare had 600+ views since the conference.

Read Sir John Daniel's Conference Gala Dinner Speech

EDEN is promoting and inspiring professionals by recognising excellence. For the awards received at the Budapest Conference and to read the awarded paper, please visit the following link:

EDEN Fellow & Senior Fellow Awards, Best Research Paper Award,
Best Practice Award, Young Scholar Award

Read Tony Bates - who also gave a keynote address at the conference - reflections on the conference.

We hope to meet you also at the next EDEN Annual Conference in Jönköping, Sweden, 13-16 June 2017.



Community Update

Airina Volungeviciene elected as new EDEN President

It's our great pleasure to announce, that the EDEN Annual General Meeting elected former Vice-President, Airina Volungeviciene, Director of Innovative Studies Institute at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania as new President of the Association.

Assoc. prof. dr. Airina Volungevičienė has been working among leading researchers, methodology specialists and education policy makers in the area of technology enhanced learning (TEL) development in Europe since 1997. Find out more on Airina's background and activities on the Executive Committee page.


New Members of the EDEN Executive Committee

We are happy to announce that Mark Nichols, Ph.D., Helga Dorner, Ph.D. and Josep M. Duart, Ph.D. have been elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Budapest to serve as new members of the Executive Committee of EDEN from June 2016.


Roger Mills passed away

The EDEN community extends their deepest sympathies for the unexpected loss of Roger Mills. He was an experienced distance educator, specialising in student support systems and services, has been employed by the UK Open University in six different roles over 32 years. In one of his latest position he was Regional Director of the Open University in the East of England.

EDEN has been proud to work with a great personality.

Roger has been for decades a committed and knowledgable member of EDEN, an invaluable colleague and fellow from the very early times. We have lost a good friend and now stand by the family and friends in these sad days.


EDEN Anniversary Reflections

EDEN is celebrating its silver jubilee (1991-2016). This is a most significant milestone not just for our Association, but for the whole European academic and professional community. In fact, the creation of EDEN opened a new social and political horizon in Europe for the development of a then still emerging field of practice, which proved to be critically relevant throughout the years. The early nineties of the 20th century were a time of great promises and expectations. An exciting moment marked by a great confidence in the future and an almost blind faith in how it would develop.

Past Presidents and founders of EDEN are sharing some of their personal recollections and retrospections on the development of the Association and the field. Read more...


New international cooperation agreements

The Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite) and EDEN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective of engaging in international activities and initiatives of mutual benefit and promote each other’s undertakings.

EDEN has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association of Arab Universities (AArU) to support of the development of each other’s network of members, exchange best practices, and to jointly organise events. Read more...



New EDEN portal launched

EDEN is very excited to announce the launch of its new web portal. We wanted to make the new portal faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly with an uncluttered design. Have a look and discover it for yourself. See more...


Logo Design Contest

As part of EDEN’s 25th anniversary celebration activities we are refreshing our visual identity. Following the presentation of our new web portal at the EDEN 2016 Annual Conference, now we would like to follow up this phase by announcing an EDEN Logo Design Contest with the aim to allow our professional community to take an active part in the development of our Association’s new look. Read more about the contest here.


Summer vacation at the EDEN office

We inform you that between 1 and 22 August, the EDEN Secretariat will be closed, however the Secretariat mailbox will be continuously checked.

We wish all of you a nice and relaxing summer!



European Commission's Corner

New Skills Agenda for Europe adopted - Ten actions to help equip people with better skills

The agenda calls on EU countries and stakeholders to improve the quality of skills and their relevance for the labour market. It looks to reduce the number of Europeans lacking adequate reading, writing, numeracy and digital skills. At the same time, it seeks to help highly-qualified young people find work that suits their potential and aspirations, make it easier for employers to recruit employees with the right profiles and to equip people with the skills and mindset to start their own businesses.

To help tackle skills challenges, the Commission will launch 10 actions which will address these issues and make skills more visible and improve their recognition at local, national and EU levels, from schools and universities to the labour market. Read more...


Council conclusions on developing media literacy and critical thinking through education and training

Conclusions adopted by the Council on developing media literacy and critical thinking through education and training acknowledge the many benefits and opportunities that the Internet and social media can bring, but also highlight the potential threats and dangers they can present. The conclusions stress the fundamental role of education and training in helping young people to become media-literate and responsible citizens of the future.


New Article in EURODL - with multilingual abstract!

The Pygmalion Effect in Distance Learning: A Case Study at the Hellenic Open University

Maria Niari, Evaggelia Manousou, Antonis Lionarakis



Recording Scientific Lectures with openEyA from the School to the University

Enrique Canessa, Livio Tenze, Armando Pisani


Projects, practices, showcases

SAVE THE DATE: Preparing Higher Education leaders to become the change makers of the university of tomorrow

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, 14-18 November 2016

The 1st D-TRANSFORM Leadership School will be a unique opportunity to update leaders and senior managers in European higher education institutions with knowledge, skills and attitudes which they need to have in order to make effective decisions about the use of digital techniques in learning and teaching, drawing on expert presenters including from innovative universities.

What is self-regulated learning? How can we teach it? How can we integrate in our school? What are the main difficulties?

Would you like to stimulate your students' ICT supported self-regulated learning by implementing successful classroom practices? The t-MAIL (Teacher Mobile Application for Innovative Learning) project team is developing a mobile application for primary school teachers to support them in this process.

Read its newly published State-of-the-Art report and most recent empirical evidence on self- and socially shared regulation of learning, teacher professional development, and mobile learning.


Open Professional Collaboration for Innovation

OpenPROF has developed not only intellectual outputs, but also established and validated the methods to create open professional collaboration among teachers and trainers, as well as adult educators willing and ready to introduce innovation in their practices. Read about samples and statistics of learning progress results of the recent piloting here.


Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Better Learning for a Better World through People Centred Smart Learning Ecosystems - Timisoara Declaration

On the 19th of May EDEN, ASLERD, EADTU, EATEL and IAFeS have signed the Timisoara Declaration: “Better Learning for a Better World through People Centred Smart Learning Ecosystems”

If you agree with the content of the Declaration and you wish to sign it, please, send an email to:[at]

Subject: Timisoara Declaration
Body: I wish to join the Timisoara Declaration + Name, First Name, Affiliation


Lifelong Learning Awards to celebrate creative and inclusive practices

The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLL-P) has launched the Lifelong Learning Award to give visibility to innovative practices in the field of a specific priority selected annualy.

In 2016 LLL-P will focus on the first priority of its Lifelong Learning Manifesto: “Building inclusive and democratic educational systems”. The award will be given during the Lifelong Learning Week 2016 (10-13 October, Brussels, BE). The deadline for application is 31 August.


2016 eucen Autumn Seminar on the digitalisation in university continuing education

Do we transform all programmes into distance courses? Do we analyse, case by case, when an online solution is useful or not? When we talk about distance or mobile learning, are there any changes in the way of teaching? Is the learning process the same? How do we assess the learning outcomes? How do we measure quality in distance learning programmes?

Professionals will be able to tackle these questions at the eucen’s Autumn Seminar 2016 in Barcelona, 24-25 November, 2016. The event will focus on digitalisation in university continuing education.


The publication ‘MOOCs in Europe’ is now available

Europe is characterised by diversity and as such MOOC provision should account for diverse languages, cultures, settings, pedagogies and technologies. In this peer reviewed report the 31 papers demonstrate that Europe is re-engineering the generic MOOC model to allow for a broad spectrum of approaches and contexts.


ICDE launches the Global Doctoral Consortium

The Global Doctoral Consortium (GDC) is an initiative aiming to support doctoral students in the research field related to online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning. GDC will facilitate transparency and insights from ongoing research themes by allowing students to create profiles and describe their project ideas to the community. By encouraging doctoral students to discuss topics of common interest, to internationalize through virtual and physical events and to build global relationships, ICDE will enable doctoral students to receive broad feedback and peer evaluation from other researchers in the field. Read more...


Publications and Events

Boost the impact of your MOOC using Europeana Collections

EMMA, the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator and Europeana join forces so you can create great MOOCs based on some of the terrific resources available in Europeana. Europeana is Europe’s digital platform for cultural heritage. It provides access to over 50 million digital resources from more than 3,700 archives, museums and libraries in Europe. Find relevant, free and high-quality content for your MOOC and enrich your educational resources to ensure a great learning experience for your students! Interested? You have time to submit a request until 31 July.


OEB 2016: Reduced participation rate for EDEN members

This year's theme of the Online Educa Berlin conference is Owning Learning and the new world of the empowered learner. EDEN is supporting the event as Association Partner. For EDEN members OEB participation is available at a reduced rate. Please, contact Krisztina Tátrai to receive your registration code and benefit from a reduced conference fee of 600 € (instead of 790 €).


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