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November, 2016



November, 2016

EDEN Conference News

EDEN Annual Conference 2017
13-16 June 2017, Jönköping

Diversity Matters!



The responsibility of the scholarly community includes the proper handling of diversity in education with respect to learners’ profiles, backgrounds, generations, cultures with different languages, literacies, and ways of communication as well as diversity in media and technology enhanced learning environments.

We need renowned reflections of practice that support paradigm-changing transformations based on systematic knowledge.

Join the Conference in Jönköping to tell
about your research, projects and experience

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Submissions that relate to the Conference Scope and one or more of the Conference Themes are welcome in paper, poster, workshop, training, demonstration and synergy formats.



Hosted by

Jonkiping University

in co-operation with




Community Update

Critical thinking and technology – an EDEN NAP Webinar

Steering Committee members of EDEN’s Network of Academics and Professionals are planning to introduce a series of thematic online webinars that aim to discuss hot research and application topics in various areas and sectors of education.

The first such webinar, scheduled for 7 December 2016, will explore and discuss the relationship between critical thinking and technology. Don’t miss this opportunity and register to the event here.


New members

The EDEN community welcomes its newly joined members


EDEN successfully organised the first European Distance Learning Week on 7-11 November

5 webinars with 354 registered participants were held. The participants came from 41 different countries including 15 countries from outside Europe from Canada to Brazil, from South Africa to Nepal, encompassing all 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America) and demonstrating a strong geographical coverage and a substantial outreach.

The recording of the webinars can be accessed here, presenters’ slides can be viewed on EDEN’s SlideShare page


#EDENChat: Reading on screen vs reading on paper

#EDENChat is a scheduled online discussion event on Twitter where anyone can join in and contribute to the discussions on current issues in distance, open and e-learning. In the most recent #EDENChat we discussed innovation in teaching. Read all the archived discussions here.

The first #EDENChat of 2017 is scheduled on the 11 January (starting hour TBC), on the topic of "Reading on screen vs reading on paper".

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next events by following us on Twitter.


European Commission's Corner

Education and Training Monitor 2016

This annual publication of the European Commission which describes the evolution of Europe's education and training systems based on a wide range of evidence is available with international comparison and country analysis.


Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe 2016

Providing background and complementary information to the E&T Monitor 2016 (see above) this Eurydice report contains more than 30 detailed structural indicators, up-to-date figures, definitions, country notes and a short analysis of recent key policy developments and reforms in five areas: early childhood education and care, achievement in basic skills, early leaving from education and training, higher education and graduate employability.


Older learners, Teachers’ Day and the 2017 Erasmus+ Call

The 2017 Erasmus+ Call was published on 20 October and applicants from across Europe are embarking on a journey of deadlines, checks and document preparation. The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe - EPALE provides you with useful tips, articles and tools to help you in your application.


Projects, practices, showcases

MOOC on open badges starting from January - registration open

Open Badges are growing rapidly. There are deep the implications of this new technology and movement in policy, employment, informal learning and higher education. The three free sessions of the MOOC created by the Open Badge Network project will guide you through the different aspects of employment, policy and education.

The MOOC is running between January - July 2017. Registration is now open!

Successful leadership school on digital transformation

The 1st D-TRANSFORM Leadership School was successfully organised at UOC on 14-18 November 2016 - find comprehensive daily chronicles of the event here. It was unique opportunity to update leaders and senior managers in European higher education institutions with knowledge, skills and attitudes which they need to have in order to make effective decisions about the use of digital techniques in learning and teaching.

The 2nd #dtransform #LeadershipSchool will take place in Nancy and Paris, France by University Loraine on 19-22 May 2017. Save the date!

Recognition of Valid and Open Learning

The ReOPEN project (Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2018) aims to create instruments to develop validated Open Online Learning for recognition of prior and non-formal learning through training in T&TT at C-VET organizations, companies, HE institutions and adult learning organizations to be able to design validated non-formal open learning curriculum, to apply digital badges and to recognize non-formal open learning results in formal curricular.


Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Plagiarism and Software for Plagiarism Detection

The University of Zagreb undertook an Analysis of Commercial Software for Plagiarism Detection in order to help higher education institutions with the selection of such software, and also to encourage debate on this unavoidable topic.


Does academic research have to have impact?

Not necessarily say Udo Steffens and Michael Grote. What is more important for both researchers and students is that research and teaching is based on rigorous scientific thinking. Read more...


Publications and Events

Converging Advances in Online Learning: OTT, OER, and OEI

Blended and online learning is growing at a steady pace in all of higher education. New Over-The-Top Technologies (OTT), augmented by social media, and supported through Online Educational Resources (OER), increasingly enhance distance, blended and online learning. This article by Bernard J. Luskin will help you understanding OTT and OER as they relate to the OEI.


Down with OTT? 3 ways this technology is a new must for education

OTT stands for Over-The-Top technologies, or any technology that aids in the delivery of audio, video and media content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to or pay for a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service. Because of recent technology and innovation-based initiatives in both higher education and K-12, OTT technologies will be critical in the delivery of online content for students. Find out how in this article on eSchool News.


LinkedIn Learning - A ‘Netflix for Education’?

"’s still stuck on the idea that idealized chunks of content are equivalent to learning"- read commentary on LinkedIn Learning by Phil Hill on the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.

"The idea that if you engage in enough of this low-value activity, it will somehow add up to something of high value in your career is the same dubious alchemy that forms the core of most snake oil and flimflam in business." Read Cal Newport's essay on the counterproductivity of social media presence in the academic world.


U.S. Must Expand Computer Science Education to Keep Up With Demand for Skilled Workforce

New report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), leading tech policy think tank, finds that too few U.S. students are taking quality computer science classes at the high school and university levels.


Defining ICT skills and competences for the digital economy

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has adopted a European Standard that sets out a framework for assessing professional skills and competences in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). Read more...


Compendium of Case Studies of Open Education in the Mediterranean

This compendium is the first major output from the OpenMed Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project, which focuses upon increasing open education in the South Mediterranean region. Consequently, the report provides comprehensive background information on the state of open education in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and Jordan, and in-depth insight into open education in the eight participating South Mediterranean partner universities.


Digital Risks and Chances – Internet Security and eCompetence

4 Workshops for Teachers, Parents, Students & Practitioners will be organised on Tuesday, 13th of December 2016 at the OUNL in Heerlen, NL to address how the internet and globalization are changing our world and ways to communicate, learn and live together. Read more...


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