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March, 2017 - Special Issue: UNLEASH


March, 2017

Nominate your talents for recognition with EDEN

EDEN was invited to be a partner in UNLEASH:
A new global sustainability initiative with 1,000 top talents

What is UNLEASH?

UNLEASH is a global non-profit initiative aiming to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by bringing 1000 young talents together each year until 2030 to innovate and collaborate on new solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The first event will take place in Denmark on 13-21 August 2017. UNLEASH is supported by a global consortium of actors across sectors, including UNDP, Dalberg, Microsoft, Deloitte, Carlsberg Foundation and many more additional philanthropic foundations.

Watch this video to find out more about the first UNLEASH event.

Why should talents join UNLEASH?

• Get a free-of-charge opportunity to develop and co-create disruptive SDG solutions over 9 intensive days in Denmark with top talents from across the world and build lasting networks
• Become immersed in an ecosystem of global companies, research institutions and investors that will enhance your network end employability
• Transform your idea into a tangible solution after the event, utilizing targeted economic and advisory channels of support

Who are eligible to join?

Talents should be:

1. Aged ~20-35 and posses high proficiency in English
2. Have a proven track record of making contributions to social and/or sustainability causes
3. Fall within at least one of four talent profiles, being entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, academics/students and/or technical experts

Apply for your nomination with EDEN now!

UNLEASH offers talents opportunity to pivot innovative solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals. Here is what the UNLEASH initiative is about in more detail, and how the process to apply works.

In short:

1. Apply to be a part of the EDEN nominees by sending an e-mail to the EDEN secretariat with your motivation and competences
2. Receive confirmation of your application from EDEN
3. Fill out UNLEASH's questionnaire
4. Await their response
5. Attend the event


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