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2nd issue - March 2017



March 2017 - Issue 2

Digital resources as a new strategical factor for a renovation of modernization in higher education

The D-TRANSFORM project is a first attempt to set up a "University Leader Program" at the European level, addressed to university presidents and vice-presidents on the role of e-Education in shaping University strategies. This is the second newsletter of the project. Read more


rich in results and experience

The D-TRANSFORM project reached its final stage. Here is a reminder of the reults already published and the events and the leadership MOOC to look forward to in the near future

The goal of D-TRANSFORM project was to implement a training program for leaders of European universities (presidents, vice-presidents) focusing on the major role played by digital technologies and Open Educational Resources (OER) in the necessary transformation of their institutions. The premise was that e-education (digital pedagogy and training) can become a strategic tool for European universities, enabling them to be pedagogically more effective, more cost-effective, more attractive and able to meet the needs of the professional world with regard to youth training and life-long learning.

In the last two and a half years the partnership published several reports on the subject (see also below) and successfully organised its 1st Leadership School in collaboration with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya themed "Preparing Higher Education leaders to become the change makers of the university of tomorrow"

In the present newsletter we would like to raise your attention of our results and invite you to the final events of the project, taking place between 19 and 24 May in Nancy and Paris, France.

Public Digital Policies in Higher Education

A comparative survey between Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom

While all policies can be categorized within the general trends of the digital transformation, the dynamic of each higher education system puts different actors at the centre, according to the general logics of the systems. The challenge is then to produce conclusions that allow each partner country to engage in a transformation adapted to its own national context.

The report is available in English and in French.

Business models for opening up education

Sustainability of MOOCs, OER and related online education approaches in higher education in Europe

This D-TRANSFORM report is designed to provide guidance for senior managers in higher education institutions, when they come to consider whether to deploy MOOCs and related approaches, and how to justify such decisions in terms of business models and strategic relevance.

The report looks in detail at business models for US-based MOOC aggregators such as Udacity and Coursera, but with the focus on lessons that can be adapted for the European scene.

DOWNLOAD the report (English version)

Open Educational Resource, a lever for digital transition of higher education?

Has the mobilization around OER borne fruit in terms of a wider access to knowledge for all?

Facing a dual trend of commoditisation and opening up of education at world level, are OER an instrument of domination or a tool of equal opportunities and diversity? Is the trend towards sharing maximum resources or rather towards a contextualized and private usage? Will the development of OER lead to an innovation and a transformation of our educational systems linked with the digital evolution of our economy, our society and our culture? What place should it consequently be given to mobilize and educate “leaders” of our systems and institutions?

The report is available in English and in French.

Guidelines for governance of HE institutions

The report reveal the themes that are crucial in enabling enlightened governance that is suited to today’s challenges

The digital culture of governing bodies is essential for a successful digital transition in education, because these governing bodies will define and drive the transformation strategies of their establishments. In particular, information about digital trends, gathering the most promising experimentations, knowledge of future users and their typical practices, in-depth awareness of the new demands of the professional world – these are all key factors for defining a strategic vision and developing an action plan to implement that vision.

The report is available in English and in French.



Becoming a Visionary Higher Education Leader
in the Digital Age

INVITATION to the 2nd d-transform leadership school hosted by Université de Lorraine and Loria in Nancy, France on 19-23 May, 2017.image

Registration is open to take part in this unique opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes of Higher Education leaders in order to make effective decisions about the use of digital techniques in learning and teaching from expert presenters:

  • How digital education is transforming universities’ physical spaces: blending service provision across physical and digital infrastructure.
  • New approaches to skill development for enhancing students’ employability.
  • Lessons that can be learned from innovative providers.
  • Learning analytics: ensuring it serves institutional needs.
  • The meaning of strategic management in a European and Global context.

Fort the final two days of the 5 days event participants join in the 2017 ICDE Leadership Summit titled Leadership: when transforming education through learning analytics and adaptive learning.

For more information and registration, visit the event's website.

For inspiration, see the results of the 1st D-TRANSFORM Leadership School organised last year at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya: daily chronicles of the discussions, keynote video recordings and slides are made available.

For representatives of D-TRANSFORM partner institutions and EDEN member institutions, a limited number of grant is available.



24 May, Paris: Visionary Leadership Forum for Digital Transformation

The event is hosted by UNESCO, and co-organized with D-TRANSFORM project and ICDE, who together take the initiative to mobilise globally for visionary leadership for digital transformation of higher education.

Having the Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Education 2030: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” as a backdrop, this final D-TRANSFORM event shall set the agenda for how leaders can initiate and develop actions to transform higher education through digital supported learning and teaching. Read more...


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