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April, 2018


April, 2018

Invitation to Survey

What needs to be done to stimulate online training by SMEs in Europe?

We invite you to take part in advancing the new initiative on “Promoting Online Training Opportunities for the Workforce in Europe” launched by Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) of the European Commission.

This initiative aims to explore the key priorities on what needs to be done and by whom, to stimulate the uptake of online training by SMEs in Europe. The results will contribute to future EU policy regarding online training and propose specific measures at EU and national levels for implementation.

Take part in our online survey and tell us about your needs and opinions on potential measures and solutions! The survey will be open for inputs until 1 May 2018.

EDEN Conference News

EDEN 2018 Annual Conference: #EDEN2018
17-20 June 2018, Genova, Italy

Exploring the Micro, Meso and Macro:
Navigating between dimensions in the digital learning landscape



There has been an impressive response to the Call, showing high level compliance with the theme and concept. The relevance and diversity of submissions is reassuring for a conference rich in content and networking opportunities.

Registration is open!

imageThe EDEN Secretariat is taking care of the registration for the Annual Conference. The registration fee includes access to all conference facilities, the electronic Conference Proceedings, the Welcome Cocktail, lunches and refreshments during the conference days. The fee does not include accommodation and the conference dinner.

The preliminary Conference structure can be viewed here.

Pre-Conference Workshop “European Engineering Team” (EET)
18 June, Sunday 12-16 hrs, Albergo de Poveri Genova

The future working environment of young engineers within the dynamic European society and economy will be more and more coined by mobility as well as of transnational and intercultural competencies. The workshop will introduce a generic approach for the development and implementation of transnational project-oriented courses, illustrated on the example of the master course “European Engineering Team” (EET) at universities from Italy, Norway, Poland and Germany. Participants can plan their own courses in small groups with the support of the EET-partners, discussed in cooperation with potential partners.

Selection of workshops from the conference programme:

- Using Learning Analytics to Inform Evidence-Based Interventions on Live Courses

- Supporting Development of Digital Learning Spaces in Three Dimensions

- Recognition of Non-Formal Learning Outcomes in Formal Education Settings

- Exploring the Educational Potential of Open Data: From Ongoing Practices to Future Scenarios.

- Mother-Language OER for Access and Quality of Education: Pros and Cons for Non-English-Speaking Communities

Welcome Reception - 17 June, Palazzo Tursi

Sunday evening the University of Genova will host the Conference Welcome Reception at the Palazzo Tursi which is a famous Genova museum at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Via Garibaldi – the baroque Strada Nuova dating back from the Italian Rinascimento. This unique itinerary is connecting three important Genoese buildings: the Palazzo Rosso, the Palazzo Bianco and the Palazzo Doria Tursi which was built during the ‘Golden Century of Genoa’ (1530-1630). It houses the boardrooms of the Mayor, as well as the enlargement of the Palazzo Bianco Gallery. The palace halls display famous items, such as the Guarneri del Gesù, the violin which belonged to Paganini, as well as a remarkable exhibition of decorative art pieces from the old Republic of Genoa.

Conference dinner

imageThe Conference Gala Dinner will be held at the world-famous Aquarium of Genova, which is the largest aquarium in Italy and the second largest in Europe.

The aquarium offers spectacular views of the Old Port of Genoa - it is located on the centuries-old wharf of Ponte Spinola. The aquarium was inaugurated in 1992 for the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World. It now houses over 15.000 animals belonging to 400 species.

For more details on the conference, please visit the conference website.



Hosted by the University of Genova


In co-operation with ITD-CNR



In co-operation with EMEM Italia


24-26 October 2018, Barcelona

Towards Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning


Visit the Research Workshop Website!

Building on its success of the research workshops, EDEN is pleased to announce its Tenth Research Workshop organised in collaboration with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona, Spain.


EDEN’s 2018 Workshop “Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning” focuses on the crucial and changing roles of teachers in supporting student learning in the digital world. This includes the creation of enabling conditions that encourage learning personalization, learner agency and self-direction.

EDENRW10 will be held in Barcelona on 24-26 October 2018. The Workshop Themes revolve around the topics of personalized learning, teachers' and learners' roles, open education, adaptive teaching, formative assessment and teacher-learner dialogue.

Call for Contributions

EDEN will bring established scholars and researchers of ODL together with early researchers in the field. The workshop will create an open stage for further extending discussions on DE, delegates to engage with experts and actively explore the topics of Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning. Take part and discover the Workshop Themes by submitting your proposals!

Submissions should make a relevant contribution to the field and meet the customary academic requirements: clear aims/questions, methodology, contextualisation, results, conclusions and implications, and references.

Submissions that relate to the Workshop Scope or one or more of the Workshop Themes are invited in the following categories by the deadline: 9 July, 2018. You are encouraged to submit your proposal earlier than 9 July to support a speedy evaluation of the proposals and enhance your possibility to register early in time.

Contributions received will be continuously evaluated and authors informed latest by 25 July, 2018.

Keynote speakers

- Neil Selwyn

Neil Selwyn is a professor in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. His research and teaching focuses on the place of digital media in everyday life, and the sociology of technology (non)use in educational settings.

- Sanna Järvelä

Sanna Järvelä, PhD, is a professor in the field of learning and educational technology and a head of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET) in the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Oulu. Her main research interest deal with learning processes in technology-enhanced learning, self-regulated learning and computer supported collaborative learning.

PhD Student Symposium

A PhD Student Symposium will take place on 24 October 2018 as part of the EDEN Research Workshop 2018 conference. The PhD Student Symposium has been designed to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge among doctoral students doing research in the area of the event’s theme, “Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning”, while providing a discussion forum for the advancement of doctoral research. For further information, please visit the EDEN Research Workshop website.

Schedule and Deadlines

  • Submissions: 9 July 2018
  • Registration open: 5 September 2018
  • Notification of authors and presenters: 25 July 2018
  • Conference dates: 24-26 October 2018


In collaboration with


Community Update

ET2020 Working Group on Digital Skills and Competences meeting in Sofia

The EU Education and Training 2020 Working Group on Digital Skills and Competences organised their meeting in Sofia on 17 April, on the occasion of the Bulgarian EU Presidency.

Airina Voulungeviciene, EDEN President held a speech at the session, introducing the "Strengths and potentials of EDEN".


#EDENChat: "Supporting and engaging online students through automatized formative feedback in open and closed test questions"

The next #EDENChat session "Supporting and engaging online students through automatized formative feedback in open and closed test questions" will be hosted by Angeles Sanchez-Elvira Paniagua and Miguel Santamaría (UNED, Spain). Join us on Wednesday 9 May at 20:00 CEST.

The upcoming #EDENChat sessions are listed on the EDEN website.

In case you missed the last #EDENChat on Enhancing Diversity with Open Badges moderated by Ilona Buchem, you can now read the archived discussion on EDEN’s Storify page.


EDEN 2018 Annual General Meeting in Genova

In 2018, the tradition of organising the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association during the Annual Conference will be continued. The EDEN Executive Committee decided to hold the AGM this year in the afternoon of the “Day 0” of the conference, Sunday 17 June, 16-18 hrs.

EDEN member institution representatives are kindly requested to organise their travels so that they can attend the AGM, thus arriving on Sunday.

This is a pre-announcement of the date of the AGM. The Annual General Meeting will be convened formally with agenda and details of procedures in May.




European Commission's Corner

Sofia Call for Action on Digital Skills and Education

On the occasion of the Bulgarian Presidency Flagship conference “Educate to create: from Digital Consumers to Digital Creators” in Sofia on 19-20 April 2018, stakeholders from education and training, business, NGOs and government gathered to discuss the common challenges that Europe is facing in education and training. Conference participants call for a joint effort to harness the potential of digital technologies and support education and training to become more innovative, inclusive and accessible. Download the Call here.

EPALE Thematic Focus March: Inclusion and Adult Learning

EPALE's thematic focus for March was on equity and inclusion in adult learning. During this time, EPALE’s national teams and the community published a number of inspiring case studies, articles, reports and other resources on the topic. View the summary by Thematic Coordinator Simon Broek here.


The Open Education Europa website is winding down

Open Education Europa (OEE) was launched in September 2013 to support the European Commission's policy communication on Opening up Education. After nearly five years, the decision has been taken to wind down the OEE site. Its original aims have been achieved: in 2018 digital and innovative education is no longer a niche topic; instead, it is one of the most discussed issues in education policy at national level and through a dedicated European Digital Education Action Plan. Read more...


4th European Migration Forum Report

The official Report of the 4th European Migration Forum, can be consulted on the website of the Forum where you can find other relevant information and a selection of photos from the event. There is a new special Eurobarometer survey on integration of (non-EU) immigrants, published by the European Commission here.


Projects, practices, showcases

Carer+ among the Top 25 Most Influential ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing projects

A new European Commission study analyses the impact on society of EU-funded Research and Innovation in technology for active and healthy ageing. Which of the projects have had the most influence in Europe over the last 11 years?

The Top 25 list includes the Carer+ Project, implemented with the participation of EDEN.


Publications and Events

Education "Hurtling Towards Massive Change without a Plan"- Online Educa Berlin 2018

According to Astrid Jaeger, Managing Director of OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH, which organises OEB Global, Europe’s leading conference on technology assisted learning and training, "The education sector will have to change fundamentally and quickly to cope with new demands created by rapid technological change." Read more and visit OEB Global’s new website, which provides details of this year’s conference, including a full list of themes for discussion.


Open Invitation to Contribute to the Draft Open Education Resources (OER) Recommendation Text

UNESCO invites to an open consultation on the Draft OER Recommendation Text. All stakeholders that would like to provide input can do so by 1 June 2018. Both the convention and the recommendation will be suggested for adoption by the UNESCO member states at the UNESCO General Conference in autumn 2019. Download the invitation and draft text here.


French Universities Cancel Subscriptions to Springer Journals

French research organizations and universities have cancelled their subscriptions to Springer journals, due to an impasse in fee negotiations between the publisher and, a national consortium representing more than 250 academic institutions in France. Read more...


Let’s Engage in a Much-Needed Worldwide Discussion on the Need for and Best Use of Digital Learning Policy

"Governments see online learning as a means of increasing access to quality learning, enabling flexibility for learners, lowering costs of higher education and a way of enabling collaboration between institutions through co-development of programs, courses and through credit transfer. But online learning creates significant policy challenges – financial arrangements to support part-time, anytime, anywhere learners; quality assurance for online learning; cyber-security for personal information; and completion rates of online versus face-to-face teaching." Read the article about the key issues which will shape the development of online learning, given the challenges of changing demographic, economic and social realities.


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