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October, 2018


October, 2018

EDEN Conference News

The 10th EDEN Research workshop was held on 24-26 October in Barcelona at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) with great success. Over 130 registered participants from 20 countries (7 from outside Europe) attended the workshop and a pre-conference PhD Symposium was held with 30 scholars presenting their works to academic expert panels advising.

The Best Research Paper Award was given to:

Elaine Beirne, Conchúr Mac Lochlainn and Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl (Dublin City University, Ireland) for their paper: "Moody MOOCS: An Exploration of Emotion in an LMOOC".

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A Statement "Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning- EDEN 10th Research Workshop" has been presented at the closing session of the conference which you can read here.

EDEN Annual Conference 2019
16-19 June 2019

Connecting Through Educational Technology

VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Bruges, Belgium

Call for Papers coming soon!


European Distance Learning Week #EDLW
5-9 November 2018


Be sure to mark November 5-9 on your calendar!

This year EDEN will be proudly hosting the third year of the European Distance Learning Week (EDLW) in cooperation with the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), which will be holding its National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) in parallel with the EDEN event. During EDLW, you will have access to daily online webinars and panel sessions of expert scholars and practitioners who will present a variety of cutting edge open and online learning topics, from innovations in design to open educational research.

Each webinar will take place in the same webinar room:

Join us for the following events – participation is open and free!


Community Update

New Vice-President in EDEN

The Executive Committee has elected Diana Andone from the University of Timisoara as Vice-President responsible for Communication and Communities of Practice.

Congratulations and successful mission to Diana!

“Beyond the Walls: The University of the Future” Summit at Penn State

EDEN President Airina Volungevičienė and Professor Josep Maria Duart (UOC) Vice-President have been invited to participate in the Summit “Beyond the Walls: The University of the Future”, organized by University of the Future Network (UFN) and the University of Pennsylvania Online Learning Initiative.

The aim of the Summit was to discuss and to share different perspectives and models of university, and to assess topics such as the global university, the digital university, the equitable university and lifelong university.

Read the full post on the EDEN President's Blog.

Call for hosting the EDEN 2020 Annual Conference

EDEN invites Expression of Interest from its institutional members to host the Annual European Conference of open, distance and ICT enhanced education, Learning innovation to be organised by EDEN in co-operation with the host institution in 2020.

The EDEN conferences since 1992 have been major academic and professional ODL events in Europe, supporting professionalisation and international exchange of experience.

The host institution is expected to demonstrate strong professional background, national and international position and activities in the field, able to provide logistic, promotion and organisation background for the event.

Express of Interest documents should be sent to EDEN Secretary General Dr. Andras Szucs by email.

Council of EDEN Fellows established

At the EDEN Fellows Meeting in Barcelona on October 24, the establishment of the Council of EDEN Fellows was decided, which includes all Fellows and Senior Fellows of EDEN. The Council serves in an advisory role to the EDEN EC, as a think tank for future visioning, and as ambassadors of EDEN. At the meeting, the Fellows present agreed to establish a Board of the Council that comprises: Deborah Arnold, Lisa Marie Blaschke, Don Olcott, Jr., Wim van Petegem, Albert Sangra, Christian Schumann, Torhild Slaatto, and Antonio Teixeira.

Lisa Marie Blaschke was chosen by the Fellows as Chair of the Board.

Congratulations on a productive and successful meeting in Barcelona – and to the newly elected members of the Board of the Council of EDEN Fellows!

Read more about the Fellows Council here.

#EDENChat: archived discussions available

In case you missed the #EDENChats on:

you can now read the archived discussions on EDEN’s Wakelet page. The next #EDENChat: "#OpenVirtualMobility: content and e-assessment" will take place on 7 November 2018, at 20:00 CEST. Please join us using the hashtag #EDENChat!


European Commission's Corner

Validation of non-formal and informal learning – evaluation

This evaluation will check what EU countries and the Commission are doing to help people obtain qualifications for skills acquired outside formal education and training, and review options for further EU action.

One year after its launch, ESCO has already been used in a substantial number of IT implementations covering a variety of areas. Examples include: recruiting, matching skills to jobs and trainings, career planning, documenting peoples' skills and qualifications and analysing labour market trends. Read more...

Erasmus+ call for proposals 2019 published

The Commission published its 2019 call for proposals for the Erasmus+ programme. From an expected budget of €3 billion for next year, €30 million has been set aside for dedicated European Universities. This is a new initiative that was endorsed by European Union leaders and part of the push towards establishing a European Education Area by 2025.

Education and Training Monitor

A crucial part of the Europe 2020 agenda for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is bolstering education and training. With its international comparison and country analysis, the Education and Training Monitor fuels the debate on priority themes for education and informs national education reform debates.


DMS-23, Seven sister journals, seven international contributions to distance learning, is online!

The latest special issue of DMS (Distance and Mediation of Knowledge) with the representation of an EURODL article: "Quality in e-Learning from a Learner’s Perspective" authored by Ulf-Daniel Ehlers and a preword from Dr. Ulrich Bernath, Chief Editor of EURODL is now available online.


Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Trends 2018: Learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area

Trends 2018 examines how learning and teaching at European higher education institutions evolves in the context of changing demands, technological and societal development, and European- and national-level policies and reforms. This EUA report offers a wide mapping of the developments in learning and teaching across Europe.


Contact North I Contact Nord’s Searchable Directory of Selected Journals in Online and Distance Learning

Journals play essential roles in online and distance learning, for sharing the latest in research, innovation, theory, practices, and events. Educators find ideas and connections, building a collective knowledge base that advances teaching, learning, management – and student success. Search the Directory of Selected Journals in Online and Distance Learning developed by Contact North | Contact Nord here.

Call for Applications: European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Central European University is pleased to announce the eighth annual European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities. This pioneering award, first announced in 2011 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Central European University, honors academics in the social sciences and humanities who teach at higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area. Read more about the Call here.


Publications and Events

How Faculty and Instructors are Successfully Experimenting With Artificial Intelligence to Support Their Teaching

"Either individually or as a team, in their classes or as part of research projects, these professors, instructors and researchers are systematically testing artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching and learning, recording what worked and what did not work, and sharing their findings with their peers around the world." An article published on

Universities "are declining" due to digital disruptors

"Technology is transforming the way students learn and while world-class universities such as Harvard University may be less vulnerable than other institutions, digital disruption is inevitable and is already happening, sending universities into decline, according to a keynote speaker at the "EnlightED: Reinventing education in a digital world" conference in Spain." Read the article by Paul Rigg.

Cedefop’s new European skills index: a tool for informed policy-making

Cedefop’s European Skills Index (ESI), a composite index that measures the performance of a country’s skills system, has been published on the EU Skills Panorama. The ESI makes understanding and analysing the performance of skills systems, within and across EU Member States.

Defining OER-Enabled Pedagogy

"The term "open pedagogy" has been used in a variety of different ways over the past several decades. In recent years, its use has also become associated with Open Educational Resources (OER). (...) In this article, rather than attempting to argue for a canonical definition of open pedagogy, we propose a new term, "OER-enabled pedagogy," defined as the set of teaching and learning practices that are only possible or practical in the context of the 5R permissions that are characteristic of OER." Read the article by David Wiley and John Hilton.

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